Grand Canyon National Park FOIA

This was a request I submitted in September 2019 to the National Park Service asking for documents related to UFOs reported from within Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.

The National Park Service responded “No Records”.



09/05/2019 (NPS FOIA Submission by Tim Doyle):

I request any documents concerning “unidentified flying objects” or “unidentified aerial phenomena” (also called a UFO or a UAP) reported within Grand Canyon National Park by employees, volunteers, or visitors.

09/18/2019 (NPS FOIA response by email):

We have received your FOIA request for Grand Canyon National Park (GRCA). Your tracking number is NPS-2019-01620. Please reference this number when communicating about this request.

10/01/2019 (NPS FOIA response by email):

Hi Mr. Doyle,
I wanted to let you know that after an initial search, the NPS was unable to locate any responsive records for this request.



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