Freedom of Information Act Request submitted by Tim Doyle.

National Park Service FOIA Request for UFO Documents

I submitted a FOIA Request to the National Park Service on October 6, 2019 requesting any documents associated with UFO sightings or reports submitted to the National Park by visitors, volunteers or employees. The response received was “No Records”.

FOIA Response Transcript:

(October 21,2019 FOIA Response Received From NPS)

Dear Mr. Doyle,

This is our final response to your Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request dated October 6, 2019. The Department of the Interior (DOI) tracking number for this request is NPS-2020-00042. Please cite tracking number in any future communication with our office regarding your request.

You requested:

any documents concerning unidentified flying objects (also known as a UFO) reported within Mount Rainier National Park by employees, volunteers, or visitors

We are writing to respond to your request. After a thorough search of our files, it has been determined that Mount Rainier National Park has no records responsive to your request. Erin Wolff, Mount Rainier National Park FOIA Coordinator is responsible for this denial.


Copy of FOIA Response