January 12, 2020


Freedom of Information Act Request submitted by Tim Doyle. National Park Service FOIA Request for UFO Documents On September 28, 2019, I submitted a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request to the National Park Service (NPS) asking for any documents related to UFO sightings reported within Zion National Park in Utah. The NPS FOIA Officer...
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This Time It’s Hard to Brush off Those ‘Saucers’ (Bakersfield Californian August 14, 1952) Radar Screen Tracks Objects for 6 Hours WASHINGTON – (NEA) – The flying saucers are back. And their return to the headlines has been the result of a startling new development: For the first time, numerous and simultaneous visual sightings have...
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UFO Buffs Swoop Down on Rachel to Talk Aliens (Reno Gazette-Journal May 9, 1993) RACHEL – In a tent full of flying saucerphiles, a startling announcement suddenly emanates from the doorway: “There’s something in the sky!’ The reaction is instantaneous. Telling UFO buffs there’s something is like shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theater. The saucer...
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3 Sue Government for UFO Injuries (Reno Gazette-Journal September 15, 1985) Houston, Texas – The three people suing the federal government for $20 million say they do not know to this day what it was that hovered far over their heads and zapped them with radiation almost five years ago. They claim it was an...
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