Your Online Data Is Being Used Against You!

Do you ever get the feeling someone is watching you or even listening to your conversations? It’s called targeted advertising. Your mobile devices and computers are being used against you. Big tech companies like Facebook, Google, and others use these devices to scoop up your personal information.

Online Data Sold To Advertisers

Your personal information like shopping habits, location, IP address, and more are then sold to advertisers. Not to mention governments who want to track all of us.

Starve The Beast With Surfshark

It’s time for you to starve the beast! Surfshark VPN can hide your IP Address. Plus it hides your location. VPN allows you to connect to another server computer in another location, then browse the internet through that location, keeping your information PRIVATE!

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Stopping Government Surveillance

Tracey and I are also very concerned about government surveillance of our devices. So to fight back we use Surfshark ourselves at UFO Seekers HQ. Now we feel safer researching the UFO topic.

Special UFO Seekers Discount

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