In a statement by Elon Musk, owner of SpaceX, the famous billionaire spoke about the existence of extraterrestrial aliens visiting Earth. The topic is popular in the news media due to recent leaks of military videos which show a foreign enemy infiltrating American Airspace, what the USA military calls UAP until they identify the craft (aircraft, drone, etc.) and origin (foreign country who made the craft).

The videos have been widely promoted in the news media as alien spaceships visiting Earth Even after NASA told them otherwise on May 31, 2023. Our team believes the military UAP question is due to China’s infiltration of American Airspace using advanced drone technology. China’s spy balloon is an example of this infiltration, although the spy balloon was lower on the advanced technology scale totem pole.

Extraterrestrial Alien Conspiracy Theorists in the News Media

Some news media outlets are so deep into their conspiracy theories they are even accusing the USA government of murder over aliens. It appears they’ve become empowered by being marked authoritative content in Google search & YouTube meaning their content always outranks regular citizens.

See a screenshot below of The Hill making such a claim in a YouTube video titled “killer Aliens”. The video is indexed in Google & YouTube receiving a higher ranking than us or you by being marked authoritative content from a credentialed news media outlet.

Screenshot of The Hill: Screenshot of the YouTube video title:

Here is a screenshot from NewsNation, the news media outlet where this strange story seems to have originated:

Here is a screenshot of statements made in the NewsNation “news report”:

Elon Musk Makes Statement About Aliens Visiting Earth

Not being afraid to speak truth to power or go against the media establishment, Elon Musk made a surprising statement not long ago about aliens visiting Earth. I say surprising because in my opinion Elon went along with the US Navy alien spaceship story for a time (silence instead of public dissent) maybe due to US Navy alien spaceship video promoters Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson being friends, but Elon now has become more vocal about setting the record straight for friends, colleagues, & all of us.

Listen for yourself in the embedded tweet below:

I wonder if the news media will share Elon’s statement to make it go viral? Or will they share a UFO & Alien hoax today?