Just this morning I noticed an interesting headline on Bing. It was a story written by By Aarzoo Kalyan on Meaww.com about Joe Rogan sharing a “UFO” video on Twitter.

The complete headline read,”What does Joe Rogan think of aliens and UFO? ‘JRE’ podcaster reacts to Twitter footage, Elon Musk reveals ‘goal as species’.

It wasn’t Rogan that caught my eye but the headline mentioning Elon Musk. You see, yesterday I had written an article that included audio from the famous billionaire talking about not finding any evidence of aliens visiting Earth. In Elon’s own words, “…not one shred of evidence.”

Once again, take notice of the last part of the Meaww.com headline, “…Elon Musk reveals ‘goal as species’.”

Now listen to the audio I shared yesterday. Here’s that audio:

Here was the article posted on Microsoft Bing this morning (07/14/23). View the screenshots below:

I opened up the article. It appeared that Microsoft aggregates news from random sources. This article was aggregated and posted on Microsoft Start.

View the screenshot below:

I went down into the article to find what Elon Musk revealed for his “goal as species’. I was shocked what I found. The article was Fake News and used a fake parody account of Elon Musk to claim it was the CEO responding to a Joe Rogan tweet.

Notice here, the article states:

As soon as Elon Musk, Twitter CEO, came across Rogan’s tweet, he commented, “This year let’s make our goal as a species to get footage of a UFO on an iPhone or better.”

View the screenshot below of the article from Meaww on Microsoft Start:

The article was discussing Joe Rogan’s tweet and the replies to the tweet. Here’s the Elon Musk reply which was the basis for the article being titled, Elon Musk reveals ‘goal as species’.

Here I zoomed the browser out to capture the tweet with Elon’s response below:

Here’s a close-up screenshot from Meaww showing the “Elon Musk” tweet:

Notice the account is not Elon Musk’s account. The account name is literally, “Not Elon Musk” (@iamnot_elon). This is another example of the news media having a complete run of the internet now that specific digital news media entities are marked authoritative content over experts in industry, such as Meaww over UFO Seekers when it comes to reporting on the UFO topic.

This is the result, fake news.

Here is a link to the article on MSN: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/what-does-joe-rogan-think-of-aliens-and-ufo-jre-podcaster-reacts-to-twitter-footage-elon-musk-reveals-goal-as-species/ar-AA1dRzN2?ocid=BingHp01&cvid=1156dda4b8d647a88ebcfdaa724e3b12&ei=16

Here is a link to the article on Meaww: https://meaww.com/what-does-joe-rogan-think-of-aliens-and-ufo-jre-podcaster-reacts-to-twitter-footage-elon-musk-reveals-goal-as-species

We are adding Microsoft and Meaww to Known UFO & Alien Hoaxer List, this day, 07/14/23.