Our Captures

Captured Flying Spherical Ball
Captured Balloon Delivery System
Captured “Phoenix Lights”
Captured Deorbiting Satellite
Captured Ball Lightning (or Plasma)
…and More!

Our Work

Over 70,000+ Miles Driving
6+ Years of Sky Watching
Over 1,000+ Witnesses Interviewed

25+ Million Views on YouTube
DVD Sales in 10+ Countries
Appearances on National TV
Licensed Footage to National TV

Our IP

Registered USPTO Trademark

About Us

During the summer of 2016, Tim & Tracey fell in love in California. During their first dates, the couple spent hours gazing up at the stars in the Mojave Desert at night. Having witnessed satellites, falling stars, and objects they couldn’t explain at the time the couple decided to begin investigating UFO Sightings.

Following this, Tim and Tracey began watching the skies for UFO sightings and investigating reports of alien activity. Late in 2016, Tracey established a company called UFO Seekers. It wasn’t long before UFO Seekers appeared on National TV as professional UFO sighting sky watchers (NBC’s 1st Look).

It is now 2023 and UFO Seekers is still active in the field!

Our Team

Tracey Lee - Producer & Investigator

Owner of UFO Seekers. UFO & Alien Investigator since 2016. Captured the flying spherical ball while sky watching for UFO Sighting activity in Central California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Tim Doyle - Host & Lead Investigator

UFO & Alien Investigator since 2016. Captured the “Phoenix Lights” while sky watching for UFO Sighting activity at the secretive AREA 51 in Central Nevada. Video & music editor.

Robert Holm - Music Director

UFO Seekers Official Music Director since 2018. Pianist and music composer. Robert’s incredible music has been enjoyed by millions of UFO Seekers viewers around the world via YouTube & DVD.

SINE The Last Signal - Music Artist

SINE the Last Signal music tracks have been heard in UFO Seekers videos since 2016. The album heard, Resident Alien: First Encounter, is an incredible piece of artwork and is available for sale.

Tracey In the Field at AREA 51