Seeking UFOs 365 Days A Year.

UFO Seekers, Tim & Tracey, visit UFO hot-spots in an attempt to document evidence of the UFO phenomenon, experience an alien encounter, or to research black projects.

Tim Doyle – Investigator

Cameraman, drone pilot, photography, editor, researcher, and narrator.

His father worked for Rockwell on the B-1B. His uncle was employed by NASA and worked on Apollo missions. His great uncle was formerly the Head of Naval Reserves and a Rear Admiral in the US Navy. One of Tim’s family members was also a United States Treasury Department Secret Agent who worked under five different Presidents.

While working for a Porsche Road Racing Team based in California, Tim received over 200 hours of professional driver instruction while also honing his mechanic skills. He also spent a short time working for Pirelli of North America on the American LeMans Series. He worked under Italy’s Team Ferrari among others as a Tire Engineer. Tim is a professional drone pilot that’s logged over 1.3 million feet traveled using DJI products and racing quad-copters.

Tracey Sue – Researcher

Cameraman, photography, researcher, operations, and logistics.

Tracey has always been an outdoor girl! She grew up on a farm as her grandfather was a dry farmer of wheat and barley. Over the years she became an experienced hunter, fisherman, and farmer. “I appreciate the land and found my desire to be where no one else is exploring.”

Later in life Tracey moved to Silicon Valley, where she attended school then made her way into a corporate career. She soon found a passion for Jet Ski racing. After a lot of hard work, Tracey managed to join a Professional Jet Ski Team who with she spent 7 years traveling on the road attending competitions.

“UFO Seekers was a simple passage of exploration I was ready for, and it chose me you could say. I have a healthy curiosity for life and my favorite saying has been, love what you do and you will never work a day in your life. Plus, I want to know if we’re the only ones in the universe?”

Where Do We Go?

We visit UFO hot-spots and investigate reports of UFO related activity primarily in the southwestern United States. States include California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Colorado.

Send us a tip and we may investigate your report!

What Do We Do?

We’re interested in UFO sightings, alien encounters, abnormal military activity, secret technology, cattle mutilations, and conspiracies. We visit the locations, investigate local military installations, talk to locals, and then we spend time sky-watching in the area trying to catch the same phenomenon occurring.