Advertising / Sponsor Opportunities

Advertising and Sponsor Opportunities

UFO Seekers has an incredible reach on YouTube and other digital mediums. We offer advertising/sponsor opportunities for companies, organizations, or individuals interested in reaching our viewers and fan base. Advertising and Sponsor Packages include, but are not limited to, adding stickers to the UFO Seekers vehicle, logos on our clothing, equipment used in videos, promoting equipment, promoting products, and more. Please use the form below to contact us about Advertising or Sponsor opportunities.

All advertising and sponsor opportunities are subject to approval by UFO Seekers.

We DO NOT publish graphic, age-restricted content. We DO NOT use actors, We DO NOT perpetuate hoaxes created by book or media companies.

YouTube Placement

We do accept requests for placement in our YouTube Videos which may include product placement, publishing your production video through our channel, and more. Content or products shown on the YouTube platform must abide by YouTube’s terms of services and must not violate any YouTube policies for possible approval by UFO Seekers.

All requests are subject to approval by UFO Seekers.


UFO Seekers is unique in the “UFO Community” as our viewership spans all ages, interests, and personality types. Many UFO groups, organizations, and YouTube Channels are heavy on very deep speculative conspiratorial discussions which negatively impacts viewership for certain personality types, including military members. UFO Seekers has never acknowledged the existence of Alien UFOs or Aliens, as our mission is to stay non-biased on the issue to facilitate our goal of becoming the number one news media organization responsibly covering the phenomenon from a journalistic point of view.

Our videos are watched by families and also individuals. All of our videos are centered around documentary style filming, HD visual content, drone photography, night sky-watching, traveling to unique locations, interviewing real people, and rational discussions that are acceptable to all personality types and age groups. This gives you, the advertiser, an opportunity to reach a broad range of demographics.


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