Area 51

Groom Lake / Homey Airport

Inside the National Test and Training Range (NTTR) in Neavada is the most famous U.S. military facility, “Homey Airport”. (a.k.a. Area 51 / Groom Lake / Dreamland)

Complete Area 51 Experience

Release Date

October 20, 2017

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5.8 + Million Views

Tikaboo Peak

Release Date

August 29, 2017

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2.4 + Million Views

Testing at Area 51 Caught on Camera

Release Date

October 10, 2019

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Other Videos

While the public doesn’t know exactly what happens at the top secret facility, former employees we’ve spoken to face-to-face claim aircraft, drones, and spaceplanes are tested at AREA 51.

First Visit to Area 51

Are the “Camo Dudes” real? Tim & Tracey head to Area 51 for the first time to find out if the “Camo Dudes” exist.

Area 51 "Base Camp"

Just north of Area 51 is “Base Camp”. This location was first shown on YouTube by UFO Seekers in 2017.

Area 51 HQ

Area 51 is a detachment of Edwards AFB. This is where Area 51 headquarters is located inside “North Base.”

Sonic Boom at Area 51

Visit the back gate near the small town of Rachel, Nevada. While here Tim captures a loud double sonic boom.

UFO Hunting at Area 51

Want to spend the night sky-watching for UFOs at Area 51. Tim & Tracey watch the sky using night vision.

Area 51 Helicopter

The Area 51 helicopter flys directly over Tim & Tracey while they were UFO sky-watching on Groom Lake Road.

More About Area 51

Located geographically at Groom Dry Lake in Nevada, Area 51 is operated by the U.S. Air Force from Edwards Air Force Base (AFB). Airspace above AREA 51 is within the military’s R-4808N complex. A document was once uncovered that refereed to Homey Airport as AREA 51 and was written by the CIA sometime during the Vietnam War.

Area 51 is headquartered at “North Base” inside Edwards AFB.

U.S. Navy’s Area 51

Each military branch has secret facilities where they may be testing recovered alien UFO technology, assuming such a thing exists. The U.S. Navy has their own Area 51, the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station Electronic Combat Range just south of Trona, CA. Follow along with Tim & Tracey as they sky-watch for alien UFOs at the location.

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