Our research into AREA 51. The facility is located at Groom Lake in Nevada.

Inside the National Test and Training Range (NTTR) in Neavada, USA is the most famous US military facility, Homey Airport. The facility is popularly known as AREA 51, Groom Lake, and Dreamland. Located geographically at Groom Dry Lake the facility is operated by the US Air Force from Edwards Air Force Base. Airspace above AREA 51 is within the military’s designated R-4808N complex.

A document was once uncovered that refereed to Homey Airport as AREA 51. The document was written by the CIA sometime during the Vietnam War.

In 1989 an incredible turn of events took place. A man named Bob Lazar claimed the federal government was hiding recovered alien technology within AREA 51. Lazar claimed to have witnessed flying saucers and alien technology at a complex known as S-4 located off the shoreline of Papoose Lake in the foothills while he was temporarily employed there as a scientist. Papoose Lake is located just miles southwest of AREA 51. The secret complex S-4 supposedly has hidden doors in the ground and mountain that open allowing the alien technology to be tested. These claims of alien technology at AREA 51 have never been verified, yet.

While the public does not know exactly what happens at the top secret facility anonymous former employees we’ve spoken to face-to-face claim experimental aircraft are tested at AREA 51. We have verified that experimental and foreign aircraft are tested at Homey Airport. See our videos below.

ET Highway and Camping

Headed to Gate

UFO Hunting

View from Tikaboo Peak

Panorama of AREA 51

Camo Dudes

Groom Lake Road

Tikaboo Peak

Base Camp

The Back Gate

UFO Hunting

Area 51 Panorama

Close-Up Video

Drone Footage

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