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Author: Tim Doyle

UFO Community Credibility In The Toilet: Alien Metal Alloys Hoax

Former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Application Program (AAWSAP), Luis Elizondo, threw the NY Times under the bus. Alien metal alloys from an alien spacecraft were not stored in a Las Vegas warehouse. They never existed at all. Alien Metal Alloys Back Story In December, 2017 the NY Times published an article claiming the Pentagon was looking for alien spacecraft on Earth. The revelation came from the VP of Security at a book company that publishes UFO related content, Luis Elizondo. Yes, that’s the same Luis Elizondo. Having just become an employee of a...

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UFO Seekers Enter US Navy Base, Ask About 2004 USS Nimitz Incident

UFO Seekers has been on military facilities in the past, but typically as media spectators of a rocket launch or a basic facility tour. For instance, while at Vandenberg Air Force Base for a rocket launch, we were ordered by the Public Affairs Officer on-site to remove our logos ensuring local news video coverage didn’t show a UFO group at the facility. That all changed after we received a phone call from a US Navy Public Affairs Officer at Naval Air Station (NAS) in Lemoore, CA. Invitation Inside NAS Lemoore The PO Officer called to invite UFO Seekers inside...

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What Is The “Pentagon UFO Study”? Since October 2017, UFO power players George Knapp and Tom DeLonge have been loudly pushing a newly revealed story about a United States taxpayer funded “Secret Pentagon UFO Study“. The close friends claim the study was a coordinated effort between the private sector, Bigelow Aerospace Subsidiary (BAASS), and the United States Department of Defense to study alien UFOs from 2008-2012. The two comrades first spoke five years ago when Delonge reached out to Knapp through a phone call. Knapp and DeLonge are currently working on the Bob Lazar biography together as stated in a...

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