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Bob Lazar’s Favorite Hobby Might Be High-Grade Fireworks Before Bob Lazar became famous for revealing secrets about AREA 51 he was firing off professional fireworks in the deserts of Nevada with friends, according to a Wired article from 1994. This hobby fully took shape sometime around 1985. When he was a kid, Lazar resided in...
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Tracey & I photographed this incredible-looking cloud while seeking UFO activity in the southeastern Sierra Nevada Mountain foothills just above the Mojave Desert in California. Specifically, we are looking south over Jawbone Canyon, in the direction of Los Angeles.
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This photograph is from 2018. Tracey & I were out in the field seeking UFO activity around the area of Kelso Valley in the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. In the picture we’re driving up a mountain in our Hyundai Santa Fe.
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UFO Seekers visited the Roswell crash site located on the Bogle Family Ranch in Corona, New Mexico on 07/08/2018. We were invited by NBC Universal as a part of their Halloween episode of NBC’s 1st Look with Johnny Bananas. Tracey & I drove with funny-man Johnny Bananas also of MTV’s “The Challenge” near the area...
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This picture is from 2016 during a sky-watching trip to the secretive military base at AREA 51 in Nevada.
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Hawthorne Army Depot is located in Hawthorne, Nevada, USA, northwest of AREA 51. Tracey & I traveled to the location as Hawthorne Army Depot and NAVSEA are both located here. We spent time at the location sky-watching for UFO activity in the air and at Walker Lake.
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Here’s a photo of Joshua Tree National Park in California from May 2018. Tracey & I traveled there as part of our investigation into Giant Rock.
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Two nights ago Tracey and I went sky-watching for UFOs at Lockwood Valley and Mt Pinos in California’s Los Padres National Forest. Instead of the typical star-lit sky, cloud cover spread across the area. We captured a few pictures where stars broke through the clouds. Most of our time was spent in four different areas...
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