YouTube BANNED THIS VIDEO of Giant Rock...

YouTube BANNED THIS VIDEO of Giant Rock...

Support Independent Creators & Filmmakers, SHARE THIS! After accumulating almost 600,000 views, YouTube BANNED THIS VIDEO in YOUTUBE SEARCH (which also includes Google search because it's the same parent company "Alphabet"). The video completely flatlined into nothingness, oblivion. It literally began getting zero views per day. It was gut wrenching. We thought people began to hate the video.


But then as time progressed (time exposes all) a YouTube engineer finally admitted that back in April 2019 YouTube Independent Creators were targeted for a REDUCTION IN REACH ON PURPOSE (not Hollywood, the news media, or large billion dollar corporations). This video was released January 31, 2019. YouTube targeted independent creators in April, 2019.

For anyone who previously relied on income from YouTube this can be devastating. Life changing. They can LOSE EVRYTHING. Imagine not being able to FEED YOUR FAMILY because of an internet search ban.

What's even worse is a search ban is not an outright ban, so your channel still exists, your content is still "there" so people call you crazy. Conspiracy theorists. Looney tunes.

That's ok. We don't quit. We never have. You reading this YouTube?

Luckily we here at UFO Seekers (Tim & Tracey) have careers away from the YouTube platform which allowed us to pay our bills while still experiencing a purposeful targeted loss of revenue for our company to this day.

But imagine people WHO DIDN'T HAVE CAREERS AWAY FROM YOUTUBE. Imagine what happened to their lives, their families, their CHILDREN.

How is that possible? Why were we targeted? Did HOLLYWOOD purchase the keyword? Did Hollywood purchase a ban on UFO Seekers? Did someone else purchase a ban on UFO Seekers? Did YouTube not like the video? Does YouTube not like our organization? Did the military at 29 PALMS force them to ban it on their platform from search?

If someone can't find something in YouTube search, it doesn't exist. It doesn't show up in Google Search. Well, we don't care. We support telling the truth and exposing the truth. So... we're sharing this with our audience again.

Enjoy the episode that YouTube BANNED! (WHILE YOU STILL CAN)

If you want to help us fight back against targeted censorship of Independent Creators & Filmmakers (which includes our company), PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO!

Location: Giant Rock, Landers, California, USA

GPS Coordinates: 34.333503, -116.388905

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