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Genuine UFO Report Received by Australia’s Department of Navy in 1964 from the Loellen-M Australia’s Navy had cataloged an extraordinary UFO observation report. The initial report was received by the Northern Territory Port Authority who then forwarded the information to Captain Gledhill, N.O.I.C., Department of Navy, Darwin. The report originated from V.B. Perkins & Co.,...
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Strange Flying Disc Follows Aircraft Carrier in 1952 FindingUFO (03/07/2020): “On September 20, 1952, when the F.D. Roosevelt was taking part in “Operation Mainbrace” with the NATO fleets, in the English Channel and North Sea. Three photographs of the UFO, a fast-flying disc, were taken at the time, by a journalist named Wallace Litwin who...
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When I was younger, now a long time ago by human years, I remember being in a trance thinking about a UFO Sighting covered by the HISTORY Channel. My favorite UFO Celebrities of the time told me, and the world, without hesitation, Christopher Columbus spotted a UFO (alien in origin) just hours before stumbling upon...
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Did Bob Lazar’s High School participate in the 1970’s Skylab Project? Yes! The 1972 Skylab Student Project. For those that don’t know, Bob Lazar is a famous UFO Celebrity who says he worked at Area 51 (S-4) in 1988 and worked on a flying disc (UFO) from Zeta Reticuli 4. Lazar says he was a...
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This documentation, 11 pages, was published in 1981 and can be found on Research Gate. CLICK HERE to view that web page or download the PDF. The following is an excerpt from the publication: Predicting the Properties of the 113-120 Transactinide Elements (1981) Danall Bonchev” and Verglnla Kamenska Department of Physical Chemistty, The Higher School...
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Bob Lazar’s Favorite Hobby Might Be High-Grade Fireworks Before Bob Lazar became famous for revealing secrets about AREA 51 he was firing off professional fireworks in the deserts of Nevada with friends, according to a Wired article from 1994. This hobby fully took shape sometime around 1985. When he was a kid, Lazar resided in...
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