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UFO & Alien Investigator Certification Training Course

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Tim Doyle

Become a Certified UFO & Alien Investigator.

Graduates can become a UFO Seekers Member of Investigations and use the UFO Seekers name as long as they remain an Active Member.

UFO & Alien Investigators who become a Member of Investigations must follow our Rules of Conduct at all times to maintain their Active Status.

The course Enrollment Fee is $249 USD. The Course opens on 03/31/21.

Want to Enroll Early? You can save $50! Enroll now for only $199. This deal ends 03/15/21.


Official UFO & Alien Investigator Certification by UFO Seekers

Have you ever wanted to become a UFO or Alien Investigator? Here’s your real chance!

Anyone who meets the basic Course Entry Requirements below can enroll in this course.

Our Head Member of Investigations Tim Doyle will teach you the skills, techniques, and thought processes of a successful UFO & Alien Investigator.

Learn about terminology, documenting reports, responding to reports, documenting investigations, using audio/video equipment, working in the field, safety in the field, sky-watching, recording objects, and much more.

Most importantly, learn about the topic of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and aliens from the best civilian UFO Field Investigator in the world! Tim has spent thousands of hours in the field sky-watching for UFO activity and investigating UFO/alien reports. He is the Host of UFO Seekers on Amazon Prime and YouTube where UFO Seekers has over 240,000 subscribers. Tim has spent time at locations that include Roswell, AREA 51, Edwards Air Force Base, Plant 42, Vandenberg Air Force Base, Death Valley National Park, the Mojave Desert, secret private contractor facilities, and many more places.

During his work with UFO Seekers, the company has documented objects that range from a spherical cloudy ball in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, an Iridium Communications satellite de-orbiting over Central California, balloon delivery systems over the San Joaquin Valley, thousands of satellite passovers including the International Space Station, test aircraft, military drones, and much more.

Course Purpose

Become a “Certified UFO & Alien Investigator.”

This course is required to become a UFO Seekers Member of Investigations.

Graduates can become a UFO Seekers Member of Investigations (at an initial first-year discounted rate). Graduates do not have to become a Member. This course is great for existing investigators who seek extra training or a respectable Certification from a real UFO & Alien Investigator, one who possesses unmatched experience in the field, not experience behind a computer.

A Member of Investigations becomes an official UFO Seekers UFO & Alien Investigator in their town, city, area, community, region, or country. When out in the field, an investigator’s ID Badge (UFO Seekers Identification) can be verified online through the UFO Seekers website via our Member Directory (Active Status) and a 24/7 active link to the Certificate of Completion.

These Members are permitted to use the UFO Seekers name in their local area as long as they maintain Active Status by renewing their Membership. Members must follow our Rules of Conduct and Brand Usage Guidelines at all times to maintain Active Status.

We consider this title to be technically described as, “a freelance photojournalist who watches the sky or land for newsworthy observable occurrences originating from humans, nature, space, or unknown origin.” Investigators also document witness reports, investigate reports, and interview witnesses.

Course Description

Course duration ranges from 4-12 weeks depending on the student. Students study online course lessons and must complete quizzes culminating with a final exam. After completing online coursework students are required to spend time in the field sky-watching for UFO activity (20 Hours). After the fieldwork is completed students must research an assigned incident, then provide a written summary about the specific incident.

Certificate of Completion is issued after the student completes the entire training course and receives a passing grade on the final exam.

This training course is for serious people who wish to investigate the topic from an unbiased investigative perspective driven by evidence, never opinion or theories. Investigators must respect authority while in the field always abiding by local, state, and federal laws.

Title Place Method Date Range Instructor
UFO101 – Investigator Certification Website Online Spring 2021 Tim Doyle (UFO Seekers)

In this Training Course, Instructor Tim Doyle will help you become a UFO & Alien Investigator.

Investigators Work in the Field

Investigations conducted in the field are the most enjoyable aspect of being a UFO Seekers Certified UFO & Alien Investigator. On top of that, you are seeking evidence of alien UFOs and/or alien life on Earth, so if successful a UFO Seeker would help the public at large with two questions, “Are we alone on Earth?”, and “Does other intelligent life exist in our Universe?”

UFO & Alien Investigators are like photojournalists of the sky. Instead of documenting news events, a UFO Seekers trained investigator documents occurrences in the sky and searches for alien life on Earth.

Course Entry Requirements

To enroll in our UFO & Alien Investigator Certification Training Course a student must meet all of the following requirements. If you have any questions please email us.

Must be 18+ Years Old
Must Have a Video Camera (DSLR OK)
Must Have a Camera (DSLR Preferred)
Must Pay Course Enrollment Fee

Course Topics

Provided by UFO Seekers, this Course is available online 24/7.

This training course will teach a student how to function as a UFO & Alien Investigator successfully. The course covers recommended techniques, practices, observations, photography, videography, equipment, safety, survival, and other aspects of the investigative process. The course helps students identify hoaxes, cults, and bad journalism.

Coursework is divided into sections covering these topics (plus much more):

  • UFO Seekers Investigator “Rules of Conduct”
  • Investigator Guidelines
  • Characteristics of a Good Investigator
  • UFO Terminology & Word Usage
  • Respecting Public Workers & Military Service Members
  • Best Practices While In the Field
  • Evidence Collection
  • Interviewing Witnesses
  • Hoaxes & Bad Journalism
  • Using a Camera to Photograph Objects
  • Using a Video Camera to Record Objects
  • Secret Investigator Techniques

How You Study

Students access Course Lessons on our website. Lessons cover each topic then are proceeded by Quizzes which may include multiple-choice questions, fill in the blank, and put the items in proper order. The course also includes multiple essay format quizzes. Students must also complete field work (see “Required Field Work” for exact details).

Required Field Work

Students are required to spend 20 hours in the field during the certification process. This is specifically separated into 5 individual days, at 5 different locations, 4 hours per day.

Students can not exhaust all hours in one single trip into the field. Students must spend time in the field 5 separate times. This allows for changes in weather, conditions, atmospheric phenomenon, random occurrences, and more.

Locations must be at least 20 miles apart from each other. This would allow for a sky-watch at a student’s town/city/area, then a sky-watch in each direction (north, south, east, west) away from the initial area, in a 20-mile radius.


After completing the UFO Seekers Certified UFO & Alien Investigator training course graduates receive:

Certificate of Completion
Can Become Member of Investigations
Can Enroll in Investigator Field Courses