Field Training Course

Introduction to AREA 51

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Field Training
Spring 2021
In the Field

This is a Field Training Course with Instructor Tim Doyle of UFO Seekers. Students will spend 8 hours at AREA 51 in Nevada as part of the Introduction to AREA 51 Training Course.

Training Course Activities

Visit entrances to the base, camping locations, sky-watching locations, see the camo dudes, learn how-to record objects, learn about the local military activity, and much more. You will learn exactly what a UFO & Alien Investigator does while on-location at AREA 51.

Course: Introduction to AREA 51
Course ID: A51101
Location: AREA 51 (Alamo, NV)
Instructor: Tim Doyle
Maximum Students: 2 Groups (Groups of 1-3 People)

$500 for 1 Student
$700 for a Group of 2 People
$800 for a Group of 3 People

Equipment Used During Course

Students have the opportunity to use our equipment during segments of the Field Training Course.

  • Optical Video
  • Infrared Thermal Video (FLIR)
  • Thermal Video
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Parabolic Dish
  • K2 Meter
  • EMF Detector
  • Geiger Counter
  • and more!
  • In this Training Course, Instructor Tim Doyle will help you become a UFO & Alien Investigator.

    Travel and Location Details

    This training course takes place at the physical location, AREA 51. Due to COVID-19 the student(s) must provide their own transportation and arrive at the location on their own. The student(s) will follow the UFO Seekers vehicle during the training course.

    The exact location of the initial meeting spot will be emailed to the attendees two days before the training course date. This will be a location near Alamo, Nevada. Vehicles must be able to traverse dirt roads

    Entry Requirements

  • 18+ Years Old
  • Must Have Own Transportation
  • Must be in Good Health
  • Must Pay Enrollment Fee
  • Course Structure

    Students will be sky-watching for UFO activity at AREA 51 with UFO Seekers. Driving their own transportation, students will follow UFO Seekers around the area and learn about aspects of being a UFO & Alien Investigator. Course topics also cover the military, safety, using equipment, recording objects, tips, techniques, and more.

    Course Availability

    This course is only available a few times per year. Check our events calendar for exact dates. The course is limited to two groups per date, so ensure you signup before the courses are sold-out.

    Warnings and Disclaimers

  • UFO Seekers will provide meals and drinks to attendees while on-location.
  • Students must bring their own camera/video equipment.
  • Students must sign disclaimers and other documents before course begins. Paperwork is signed in-person, upon initial meeting with instructor.
  • Students must be able to endure hot or cold temperatures for an extended period of time. AREA 51 is located in a desert with extreme weather conditions.