UFO Research Archive

UFO Investigator Resource

Our mission with the UFO Research Archive, is to document a broad range of UFO/Alien related material for use by UFO Investigators around the world. We archive newspaper clippings, FOIA requests, headline news, and material relevant to UFOs.


Newspaper Articles

Main stream newspaper clippings related to UFOs.

FOIA Requests

Our ever-growing collection of UFO related FOIA Requests.

Historical Research

Information uncovered through our research into the UFO topic.

Newspaper Clippings

History repeats itself. When talking about the topic of UFOs and aliens, history is an important part of identifying source facts or the origination of theories. From our discovery of Element 115 science from the 1970’s, to the Obama White House denial of UFOs in 2011, to the Duke University invisibility cloak from 2006, newspaper clippings play an important role in seeking truth.

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