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Want to join or support UFO Seekers? Here’s your chance. Individuals can become a Member or even become an official UFO Seeker in their local community who operates as a UFO & Alien Investigator.

Your Membership Dues help support UFO Seekers. Our mission is to work in the field documenting UFO objects, causes of UFO Reports, evidence of aliens, or documenting any observable occurrence at a location in the sky or in the air. We are “photojournalists of the sky.”


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Become a "Member of Investigations"


Enroll in Training Course

To begin the journey of joining UFO Seekers aspiring individuals must enroll in our official UFO & Alien Investigator Certification Training Course (UFO101).


Online Coursework

The certification course is an online training course. Students must complete online coursework and receive a passing grade from the instructor.


Required Field Work

After completing online coursework students must complete the required field work. Students must spend 20 hours in the field sky-watching for UFO activity.



Our instructor will present a long-form essay question to the student. Once completed, the student graduates as a Certified UFO & Alien Investigator.


Sign-Up for Membership

Once a student has graduated from the online certification course they can sign-up to be a Member of Investigations.


Start Investigating

Welcome to UFO Seekers! As a Member of Investigations, you can now use the “UFO Seekers” name and operate as your local UFO & Alien Investigator.

Things To Know First

Graduates can become a UFO Seekers Member of Investigations and use the UFO Seekers name as long as they remain an Active Member.

UFO & Alien Investigators who become a Member of Investigations must follow our Rules of Conduct at all times to maintain their Active Status.

  • Anyone who meets the basic Course Entry Requirements can enroll to become a Member of Investigations.
  • Our Head Member of Investigations Tim Doyle will teach you to operate as a successful UFO & Alien Investigator.

Photojournalist of the Sky and Land

A Member of Investigations becomes an official UFO Seekers UFO & Alien Investigator in their town, city, area, community, region, or country. When out in the field, an investigator’s ID Badge (UFO Seekers Identification) can be verified online through the UFO Seekers website via our Member Directory (Active Status) and a 24/7 active link to the Certificate of Completion.

These Members are permitted to use the UFO Seekers name in their local area as long as they maintain Active Status by renewing their Membership. Members must follow our Rules of Conduct and Brand Usage Guidelines at all times to maintain Active Status.

We consider this title to be technically described as, “a freelance photojournalist who watches the sky or land for newsworthy observable occurrences originating from humans, nature, space, or unknown origin.” Investigators also document witness reports, investigate reports, and interview witnesses.