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2 HOT MINERS SPOT, CHASE DISC PILOTS (The Bakersfield Californian August 19, 1949) – A grizzled desert prospector reported in Mojave that a “whizzing disc” crashed near Death Valley and that two little men jumped out and disappeared in the sand dunes, the International News Service says. The prospector, Buck Fitzgerald, who claims he has lived in the Death Valley region long enough to know a flying disc when he...
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True believers gather in Reno to hear, teach the UFO gospel (by Mark Lundahl / Gazette-Journal) – Ra-Ja Dove is ready to go space traveling. But for now, the man whose business card says he’s an “Aquarian Star Shepperd” drives a blue Volkswagen bus. Dove, bearded and wearing a purple smock, pulled up Saturday morning at the Holiday Inn on Virginia Street. He and his partner, Moi-Ra, were guided from...
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