Bob Lazar’s United Nuclear Illegal Fireworks Case (07/25/2007)

“Sandia Park company owner tells story behind illegal fireworks case” is the title of an Alamogordo Daily News article from July 25, 2007. The article discusses a court case related to Bob Lazar’s United Nuclear and illegal fireworks.

At the time, a spokesman for the Consumer Products Safety Commission in Washington said he could not specifically address the Lazar incident he said, “we know the formula that is used to make highly illegal, highly dangerous fireworks”.

In a court hearing U.S. Magistrate Lorenzo Garcia fined United Nuclear $7,500 and placed the company on probation for three years. Also a consent decree placed limits on the amount of fireworks-related chemicals the company could sell.

The commission’s chairwoman referred to the United nuclear case as a victory for consumer safety.

Lazar said he saw the court case as a victory because the commision was seeking $30,000 in fines. The fines were a total of three separate $10,000 fines for purchasing three specific items.

UFO Seekers uncovered this article November 2018. View the article below.

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