Bob Lazar’s United Nuclear Selling Polonium-210 (12/02/2006)

In 2006 a former Russian spy ended up dead after being poisoned in London at a restaurant. The poison used for the terrible incident was Polonium-210, a well known but rare “spy poison”.

Back in the United States authorities discovered a company selling the spy poison over the internet. The company was United Nuclear operated by Bob Lazar and Joy Lazar. United Nuclear is still operating as a scientific supplies distribution corporation selling hard to find items.

United Nuclear was selling the rare isotope Polonium-210 for $69 in 0.1 microcurie units.

Bob Lazar responded publicly by stating customers would have to purchase 15,000 orders or $1 million worth or the Polonium-210 to produce harmful effects.

UFO Seekers uncovered this article November 11, 2018. View the article below.

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