New ‘Flying Disc’ Leads P51 Pilot A Merry Chase


George Gorman Dogfight In Austin Sunday American Statesman (10/03/1948)

In a newspaper article published by the Austin Sunday American Statesman October, 03, 1948 the newspaper covers the George Gorman UFO dogfight incident that occurred in Fargo, North Dakota.

This UFO incident was the focus of a Project Blue Book investigation.

Lt George Gorman was flying his P51 at night when witnessed a ball of light below him at around 4,500 feet. Gorman pursued the object but the UFO outmaneuvered his P51 accelerating to roughly 400 mph and rising in altitude to 17,000 feet.

Lt George Gorman chased the object for 27-30 minutes before losing sight of the UFO. Lt Gorman’s experience was also witnessed by other individuals.

Please read the article below for more about the incident.

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