Jaime Maussan Releases Mexico Military UFO Video (08/01/2004)

In an article written by Laurence Iliff and published in the Valley Morning Star (San Benito) August 1, 2004 we read that a famous mexico UFO researcher named Jaime Maussan has released a supposed UFO video originating from the highly secretive Mexican military.

Maussan claims the military video is the “most definitive proof yet of extraterrestrial visitors”.

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Highlights in the article include:

The Air Force tape shows 11 luminous flying objects that military experts can’t explain. With the video has come a new dose of respect, Maussan said.


Jaime Maussan has spent the past decade collecting possible evidence of alien visits to Earth and maintains he has had personal contact with other “entities”.


Maussan, 51, acknowledges that there are bogus UFO stories, but he said his new military-filmed video is bulletproof.


Some of the objects showed up on radar, the pilots said, meaning they had mass. Others showed up on an infrared camera, meaning they emitted heat. During the incident, the pilots expressed surprise and even concern that they were being surrounded.

UFO Seekers uncovered this article December 2018. View the article below.

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