Season 1 Episode 1

Are the Camo Dudes Real?

December 11, 2016
14 Minutes | Not Rated

Alamo, Nevada
Area 51, Nevada


Tim & Tracey are a real-life engaged couple. They reside together in Bakersfield, California where they created the headquarters for UFO Seekers, a real-life company and now a registered trademark in the United States.

In the first episode of “UFO Seekers: UFO & Alien Investigators”, our team featuring Tim & Tracey head to Area 51 in Nevada to see for themselves if the “Camo Dudes” are truly real. The trip takes place after Tim views a video from the YouTube channel MacAdventures that shows the Area 51 “Camo Dudes” pulling out weapons on two motorcycle riders who were riding near the Area 51 perimeter on a dirt road.

Are the Camo Dudes real? Let’s see what’s out there!