Season 1 Episode 2

The Mojave UFO

December 11, 2016
12 Minutes | Not Rated

Boron, California
Edwards Air Force Base, California


Tim & Tracey sky-watch for UFO activity at Edwards Air Force Base in California. The team of UFO & Alien Investigators mostly spends time within the town of Boron located adjacent to Edwards AFB. Many people don’t realize Area 51 is a detachment of Edwards AFB.

It’s there, the couple catches a mystery object descending from the sky, over the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains (city of Tehachapi), down to the desert floor near windmills (blinking red lights) located in Mojave, California to the west of Boron. While the Mojave Air & Space Port is located in the area, the mystery object appears to land or disappear somewhere in the windmills.

This episode includes drone video from just below the Air Force Research Laboratory at Edwards Air Force Base.