Season 1 Episode 3

California’s Area 51?

January 12, 2017
14 Minutes | Not Rated

Kern River, California
Tehachapi, California
Rosamond, California


Does California have an AREA 51? If they do, this may be it. Welcome to the “Ant Hill” which is hidden in the foothills of Tejon Ranch just within Rosamond, California. This facility is just miles west of Edwards Air Force Base & the U.S. Air Force Production Plant 42.

While sky-watching for UFO activity in California’s Kern River Canyon (southern Sierra Nevada Mountains), the team of Tim & Tracey are handed UFO sighting media by an anonymous individual passing through the area.

The UFO sighting material, which includes video & photographs, shows 4-6 unidentified glowing orange orbs flying over Tehachapi, California. These unidentified orbs were observed moving into multiple formations denoting intelligent maneuvering. All media was captured by a married couple who resides in Tehachapi and the media also shows the side of their house with the unidentified orbs flying above.

Stunned by what they watch, the UFO & Alien Investigators head to the UFO sighting location in Tehachapi. Upon researching the local area they discover the “Ant Hill” located right under the sighting location.

The “Ant Hill” is a facility owned by Northrop Grumman supposedly for electromagnetic testing and stealth technology research. But is it a 42 story deep underground facility as local rumors state? That’s why locals call it the “Ant Hill”. It’s also known as the Tejon Ranch Base and Tehachapi Underground.

The facility is located along the border of the “Tejon Ranch” (the mountains behind the facility) which is a privately owned property encompassing 240,000+ acres of land.

Tim & Tracey make their way to the “Ant Hill” for a first-hand close-up look at the installation. What will they find?