Season 1 Episode 4

Lockheed Martin’s Secret Helendale Facility

January 25, 2017
12 Minutes | Not Rated

Hinkley, California
Helendale, California


Located just five miles north of Helendale, California in the Mojave Desert, is a secret facility owned by Lockheed Martin. This facility is supposedly a radar cross-section range used to test and perfect Stealth Technology used by the United States military.

UFO Seekers, Tim & Tracey, received a report that this facility is a giant underground complex with purposes other than radar testing. Interested in learning more the team heads to the area.

First, they make a stop in Hinkley, California’s to catch an aerial view of what used to be Hawe’s Auxiliary Airport. Second, they head to Helendale where they begin by driving up to the front gate of Lockheed Martin’s Helendale Facility.

Does the secret facility house a giant underground complex? Join the UFO & Alien Investigators as they seek the truth.