Season 1 Episode 5

Area 51 Wants This Video Banned!

March 5, 2017
25 Minutes | Not Rated

Alamo, Nevada
Area 51, Nevada


The video that changed how the world covers Area 51.

Tim & Tracey spend the night on Groom Lake Road just outside the border of Area 51 sky-watching for UFO activity and hoping to encounter aliens. Using their equipment the couple will take photographs, video, and more hoping to capture something strange.

In this episode, you’ll see the Area 51 camo dudes, the employee bus headed to work, strange lights at night, the new black mailbox, and more! Area 51 eventually calls the local Nevada Sheriff who questions the UFO & Alien Investigators about their activities.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like seeking UFOs & Aliens at Area 51? Join UFO Seekers on their journey!