season 4

Current Season | Filming in 2019-2020



September 21, 2019 | Episode 1

Alien Portal & Alien Abduction

A man witnesses an alien portal or rift over the small city of Buttonwillow, CA. A couple is abducted by aliens in the Mojave National Preserve. Tim & Tracey investigate.

October 10, 2019 | Episode 2

Lights at Area 51

Now that Area 51 is back to work, we head to the Nevada desert to sky-watch for UFO activity. First we head to Tikaboo Peak, then it’s off to Groom Lake Road to sky-watch.

Photo Gallery

August 2019

Sky-Watching at Alien Portal Location

A night exposure from an investigation in Buttonwillow, CA. Tracey & Tim were investigating the location where a man witnessed an alien portal or rift in the night sky.

September 2019

Mid Hills Campground in the Mojave National Preserve

In Episode 1 of Season 4, Tim & Tracey investigated the location where a couple claims to have been abducted by aliens as featured in the book, “The Mojave Incident”.

September 2019

Night Sky over Mojave National Preserve

This is the exact location where two individuals claim to have been abducted by aliens. Tim spent time here in the dark, alone, hoping to have an alien abduction experience.

October 2019

Area 51 from Tikaboo Peak

This image is from Episode 2 which and shows Area 51 from Tikaboo Peak. You can clearly see a water tower and a group of hangers/buildings. 

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