Based on the Evidence

Current Beliefs

Our Statement of Beliefs, based on available scientific evidence and our own work in the field, is our current set of belief systems towards aliens visiting Earth.

Intelligent Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (Aliens)

Our Statement of Beliefs is directed at the post-1900’s modern belief in, view of, reports of, intelligent extraterrestrial biological entities (aliens) visiting/monitoring Earth using piloted crafts or via remotely operated equipment.

Alien Species and Descriptive Labels

These alien beings are referred to in eyewitness reports and have been described as “Martians”, “Gray Aliens”, “Zeta Reticuli”, etc.

Perceived Derogatory Usage

References to “aliens” or “alien races” on this page should not be perceived as derogatory usage. We believe the investigation of Alien Reports is a serious duty.

Alien Life in Our Universe

Scientists are actively seeking intelligent alien life beyond Earth. Due to the large size of our universe, the number of galaxies, the number of stars, the number of planets, the probability of alien life (not necessarily intelligent or evolved) currently existing in our universe can be interpreted as “high probability.”

Last Updated 02/16/2021

Official UFO Seekers Statement of Beliefs

Are UFO Reports Real?

We believe UFO Reports contain real visual observations or sightings, reported by reputable people, and really do happen.

(Includes Footnote 1a)

Are UFO Investigations Real?

We believe the Investigation of UFO Reports is a serious duty and the report witnesses deserve respect.

Are Investigators Driven by Faith or Evidence?

We believe a UFO & Alien Investigator should remain unbiased, be curious, maintain awareness, and be driven by evidence alone.

Is There Scientific Evidence of Aliens on Earth?

We believe there is currently no scientific evidence on Earth of which has been presented, by any person(s), organization(s), or government(s), of intelligent extraterrestrial biological entities (aliens) having visited Earth, visiting Earth, or currently residing on Earth.

(Includes Footnote 2a)

Does Life Have Any Meaning?

We believe the universe (this existence as we know it) was purposely created by a designer(s), as repeatable systematic order (DNA Code, etc.) cannot be the result of randomness, neither can our universe be born from nothing after existing as nothing for an infinite amount of time past, without influence. This existence as we know it is the result of an unknown intelligent influence.

Are any UFO Reports Unexplainable?

We believe a small amount of UFO Reports (approximately 1-2%) remain unexplained or the object(s) remain unidentified.

(Includes Footnote 3a, 4a)

What are People Observing in Unexplained Reports?

We believe 98%-99% of UFO Reports that remain unexplained, are visual observations of secret military technology (spacecraft, drones, etc.), military weaponry (aircraft flares, parachute flares, missiles, rockets, etc.), an atmospheric phenomenon the witness has never observed before, or a misidentified incident (drone shows, private sector technology, etc.).

A theoretical cause (religious or spiritual in nature) could be associated with a “Creator”, “God”, “watchers”, “angels”, “demons”, or any other name given to some type of intelligent influence behind the creation of our existence, which may be entering into our existence to observe the current state of activity. Although this cause is religious or spiritual in nature it could be the result of a physical computer simulation in its basic foundation, but due to the societal view of this explanation, it’s deemed religious or spiritual.

A theoretical cause (physical in nature) could be associated with an extraterrestrial race of beings (aliens) from another solar system or galaxy is visiting planet Earth.

(Includes Footnote 3a, 4a)

Footnote 1a

“UFO Reports are real” is not the same as “UFOs are real”

The statement “UFOs are Real” has zero meaning. It’s a generalized statement that lacks any real substance. It does not refer to any origin or description of, an object, craft, or phenomenon reported by a witness in a UFO Report.

The acronym “UFO” contains the word “Unexplained.”  If a “UFO” in a UFO Report turned out to be a military aircraft, how did the statement “UFOs are Real” apply, as the military already knew about the military aircraft? As you can see, the statement UFOs are real, used in the above example, described a human-made aircraft as an Unexplained Flying Object that may have been alien in origin.

Footnote 2a

“Aliens Visiting Earth” versus “Aliens Existing in the Universe”

This belief (scientific evidence of intelligent aliens visiting Earth) has no association with the possibility of intelligent extraterrestrial biological entities (aliens) existing somewhere else in the universe. It is common practice in the public domain to associate the two distinctly different questions about alien life (aliens visiting Earth as opposed to aliens existing in the universe) as being equal or the same, which they are not.

Footnote 3a

Use of the Words “Unexplained” and “Unidentified”

Usage of the word “unexplained” or “unidentified” in conjunction with a UFO Report does not equate to proof of extraterrestrial biological entities (aliens) as the cause of the UFO Report. To assume the cause is alien, would warrant scientific evidence of aliens on Earth or visiting Earth, or physical evidence of aliens presented within the incident itself, to even begin such speculation about an object being alien in origin.

Footnote 4a

Military Involvement in UFO Reports

The United States (USA) Military or more appropriately identified as the USA Intelligence Community (DoD, CIA, DIA, etc.)  uses “UFO Reports” to divert attention away from secret military technology, military space activity, domestic/foreign surveillance operations, foreign adversary surveillance of the USA, foreign adversary weapons, any foreign adversary object which made its way into USA airspace or unexpectedly crashed on USA soil.

This activity has nothing to do with volunteer military service members or military veterans (who should be honored), rather these nefarious activities are secret operations originating from unknown or little-known active micro departments within the USA military-industrial complex staffed with small amounts of high-security clearance individuals that seek to misinform or delude the public intellectually, for a specific military purpose, away from the true nature of USA National Defense capabilities with the overall goal of maintaining USA military superiority over foreign adversaries.

UFO Reports have a military value, as the objects observed during a sighting may be foreign adversary aircraft or a foreign adversary weapon that has entered USA airspace. The military is very active in monitoring the sky for this reason.

Our goal is to seek the truth, no matter where that truth leads.

Tim DoyleUFO & Alien Investigator