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Use the short form below to submit a report to UFO Seekers. We investigate UFO observations, alien encounters, and any other occurrence outside of the normal. Reports are submitted to UFO Seekers, the UFO & Alien Investigators. Our investigators review the Report. After analyzing the Report, it’s either dismissed or elevated to our Case System. If the Report is elevated to a Case, an investigator will contact you by your preferred method. You will then be able to manage your case in our online Case System. If your Case remains unexplained we may do a Field Investigation.

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    • Submit Reports of:

    • Unidentified Flying Object (UFO)
    • UFO Crash
    • Alien Abduction
    • Alien Sighting
    • Military Activity
    • Strange Occurences
    • The Paranormal
    • Certified Field Investigators

      Field Investigations are performed by a local UFO Seekers Member of Investigations. Our investigators are Certified by UFO Seekers and are the most trusted investigators in the world. Our Members carry identification badges and their Active Status can be verified through our website in the Member Directory.

      Why Choose UFO Seekers for Your Report?

    • We DO NOT claim everything is “aliens”.
    • We DO NOT claim everything is a “UFO”.
    • We DO NOT sell Reports or your media files.
    • We investigate from an unbiased perspective neither as skeptics or believers (although our investigators may hold beliefs themselves it does not spill into their investigative practices or investigator conclusions).
    • We only perform investigations and present conclusions on cold hard facts, old-school journalism style.

    • Do I Lose Ownership of My Files?

    • Your files (pictures, videos, drawings) remain copyright intact as YOU DID ALL OF THE WORK!
    • So if your capture is significant, you own your media files and Report!
    • We do not post your media files as “copyright-free” on the internet. (You would lose ownership.)
    • Any use of Reports or media files is ONLY done WITH PERMISSION through a blog post on the UFO Seekers website (Case File or News Update) and in the production of a video or inclusion in a UFO Seekers episode on Amazon Prime or YouTube.
    • If your Report is investigated by a local Member of Investigations, they also ask for permission to use the Report or media files in their own broadcasts via their website or video platforms.