This image was taken in October 2019 and shows the satellite dishes at the north end of Area 51 in Nevada. Image from Tikaboo Peak.
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UFO debate blasts into tiny Nevada town RACHEL – A sign outside the Little A’le’Inn reads: “Welcome UFOs and crews, Kneepsheep Nknock Ip Nknook.” That second part is in a space language, what bar owner Joe Travis calls “Univarian.” But earthlings are welcome, too. Travis, 54, and wife Pat, 51, changed the name of the...
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The Extraterrestrial Highway Sign at Rachel, Nevada in 2017.
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Tim & Tracey at Nevada’s Area 51 “Black Mailbox” location in 2017. The old mailbox is no longer there but someone erected a temporary replacement for decoration.
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UFO EXPERTS TO GATHER NEAR LAS VEGAS FOR FORUM ON ALIENS (Reno Gazette, April 30, 1993) – UFO experts have questions about captured alien spacecraft and they’re coming to a top secret government area near Las Vegas to get answers. A public forum is scheduled for today and Saturday in Rachel, Nev., located 11 miles...
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Bob Lazar’s Favorite Hobby Might Be High-Grade Fireworks Before Bob Lazar became famous for revealing secrets about AREA 51 he was firing off professional fireworks in the deserts of Nevada with friends, according to a Wired article from 1994. This hobby fully took shape sometime around 1985. When he was a kid, Lazar resided in...
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This picture is from 2016 during a sky-watching trip to the secretive military base at AREA 51 in Nevada.
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