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Frequently Asked Questions

A new episode is available every Tuesday night at 10:00 PM PST. Episodes are published through our YouTube Channel (www.YouTube.com/ufoseekers) and here on our Official Website.
UFO Seekers also publishes non-episodes (videos) such as Field Observations, behind-the-scenes, submissions, incidents that occur on the road, updates about past observations or videos, and more. This content is published through our Official YouTube Channel and through our Official Website.
All of our content is 100% real. No actors. No crew. No setup scenarios. All videos are filmed, edited, and published by Tim & Tracey. No other individuals are involved with operations.
UFO Seekers is solely funded by Tracey. She sporadically receives payouts from YouTube for ad revenue generated from viewership through YouTube. She also receives donations from Patrons who donate to UFO Seekers through Patreon.
No. We do not trust government agencies/entities to report on or speak about UFOs or aliens. We also, will never sell UFO Sightings or personal information to any such agencies/entities.

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