UFO Seekers - S01E06 - Aircraft Cloaking Device or UFO?

9:16Added: 23.03.2017

UFO Seekers Episode 6. We’ve captured an unknown object over the Sequoia National Forest. It’s either an aircraft using a secret military cloaking device, or it’s a unknown UFO. We were parked on Sherman Pass Rd so we could take pictures of the valley and canyons. We took nearly 1,000 photographs that day. Only these two photographs had the anomaly. Pictures were taken on March 11, 2017 right before sunset. We did not hear anything, absolutely no noise was in the air. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY QUIET. We did not see anything with the naked eye. IT COULD NOT BE SEEN BY THE NAKED EYE. This object is not a “jet” as a “jet” makes “noise” and can BE SEEN BY THE NAKED EYE.

The pilots do not EVER make super sonic runs above this area, or any area with people. This area has children camping, hiking, etc so the local military installations do not permit supersonic flight above this area as per the military pilot’s guide for this airspace complex. This is some kind of SECRET MILITARY PROJECT, or a UFO.

UFO Seekers received multiple UFO Sighting reports from Lake Isabella, Wofford Heights, and Kernville in California. In response to these reports we launched a multi-month UFO hunt investigation in the Sequoia National Forest and we’ve captured evidence of the mystery sphere or orb that’s regularly reported.