UFO Seekers - S04E09 - Aliens Over the Central Valley of California?

26:17Added: 01.07.2020

Why do we investigate UFOs and search for aliens? Let’s dive into a story that takes a strange turn at the end. Something strange is happening in the Central Valley of California. In this episode, we showcase a group of UFO Sightings and an alien encounter, all of which took place in the southern Central Valley of California. Some of the incidents just may be connected. BELRIDGE ALIEN ENCOUNTER: In 2014-2015, 3 security guards working at the Belridge Producing Complex in McKittrick, California, observed a UFO type object, lit, in the foothills of the oil fields. This was in the early morning. They went to investigate the area but the UFO object and lights were gone. One of the security guards went into a portable restroom in the general area, when something started scratching and banging on the restroom. Thinking it was one of the other individuals, this security guard ran out, then was stunned to see a small alien-type creature as the cause of the scratching. Scared to death the individual ran back to the security truck and told the two other guards. None of the three individuals witnessed any other activity after that. The driver of the security truck that night was Antonio. The individual who reported the encounter is named Brent.