UFO Seekers - S04E02 - AREA 51: After the Storm

13:57Added: 10.10.2019

The Storm Area 51 event has ended and the Nevada desert is quiet again. What’s happening at Area 51after the storm? Tim heads to Area 51 in the Nevada desert seeking to observe alien UFO activity over the Top Secret U.S. Air Force facility as the area known as Dreamland is famous in UFO lore. The facility is an Air Force detachment operated from Edwards Air Force Base (North Base). First, we’ll take brief a look at Area 51 (Homey Airport) from the top of Tikaboo Peak (Tim hiked alone), then we’ll head to Groom Lake Road near the ET Highway to sky-watch for UFO activity at night. All of this took place over a single day. Let’s see what’s out there!