UFO Seekers - S04E05 - “Lost Time” at Holly Ash Mine in California’s Mojave Desert

23:49Added: 25.03.2020

A report of “lost time” after a UFO Sighting, brings us to Holly Ash Mine in California’s Mojave Desert. The mine is located inside the El Paso Mountain Range. The report we received spoke of people camping in the area northeast of Holly Ash Mine, roughly a half-mile from the mine, when suddenly, during the night they all observed unknown light emanating from the mine entrance area. The light lit up the hillside above the entrances. In seconds, this light dissipated, when a glowing spherical light lifted into the air above the mine, which ascended straight vertically, eventually disappearing into the night sky above. One of the campers became curious, a male, and went over to the mine to investigate the lights they all had just seen. The male says he saw nothing strange once he arrived at the mine entrances. He entered the last hole, went in about halfway, when he suddenly awoke, being awakened by his friends, 2 hours after entering the mine. The man believes he was the victim of an alien abduction, which is why he experienced this “lost time” of 2 hours.