UFO Seekers - S04E07 - Vandenberg Air Force Base UFO Incident (Part 1)

14:01Added: 17.06.2020

November 1964. Retired veteran, Dr. Robert Jacobs, was stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base and his duties included recording rocket/missile launch tests such as ICBM mock nuclear warheads. During a test launch, the telescope video camera he was operating, unknowingly captured a UFO object. Jacobs, a Lieutenant, did not know about the captured object until he was shown the video at a later date by a superior officer. This UFO object caught up to the mock warhead at-speed, shot laser beams at the warhead, then sped away. For an expanded description of the incident please see the interviews we referenced. We investigate the incident by spending time in the location where the telescope was parked, near Big Sur, California, USA, sky-watching over the ocean.