UFO Seekers

We’re UFO Seekers, Tim & Tracey (Couple). Together we began sky-watching for UFOs in late 2016 throughout the southwestern United States. Since those early days we’ve spent thousands of hours in the field watching the sky for UFO activity, seeking an alien abduction in the dark, visiting military facilities, venturing through endless deserts, climbing mountains, and more.

UFO Seekers produces documentary films (episodes) showcasing our work in the field. All films are 100% real. No actorsNo film crewNo setup scenarios.

New episodes are published every Tuesday night, at 10:00 PM PST through the Official UFO Seekers YouTube Channel (YouTube Verified Channel). 

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  1. Jason Shallcross

    I’ve been with Tim and Tracy since the beginning and will be there supporting them in their efforts to document extraterrestrial life here on earth for as long as it takes!!!
    They’re seriously an amazing couple who’s dedication in unmatched.
    You and, we are… We’re all ufo seekers🤗❤👽

    10.0 rating