Official UFO Seekers® Statement of Beliefs

This Official UFO Seekers Statement of Beliefs, first posted here in the year 2020, is not directed at a belief in ghosts, spirits, God, Gods, or religious figures, but rather the post-1900’s modern belief in, or view of, extraterrestrial biological entities (aliens) associated with the topic of “UFOs” (Unidentified Flying Objects) which may be possible extraterrestrial alien spacecraft or vessels, as spoken of in the public domain, and those alien UFOs being piloted or remotely controlled by intelligent aliens such as “Martians”, “Gray Aliens”, “the Zeta Reticuli”, among other species/races spoken of in eyewitness accounts.

The reference to alien races in the previous sentence is meant to be used as an example only and not a derogatory usage.


Our Current Beliefs:

  1. We believe the Investigation of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) deserves respect.
  2. We believe a UFO Investigator should always remain unbiased, driven by science & evidence.
  3. We believe the universe was purposely created by a designer(s), as repeatable systematic order cannot be the result of randomness, neither can something be born from nothing especially without outside intelligent influence.
  4. We believe there is currently no scientific evidence, of which has been presented worldwide by any person(s), organization(s), or government(s), of intelligent extraterrestrial biological entities (aliens) having visited Earth. (See Footnote 4a)
  5. We believe UFO Sightings are real, visual observations, made by real people, and do happen. (See Footnote 5a)
  6. We believe a small amount of UFO Sightings (approximately 1-2%) remain unexplained. (See Footnote 6a)
  7. We believe most UFO Sightings (98-99%) are observations of military technology, atmospheric phenomenon, or misidentified aircraft.
  8. We believe the United States Military & Intelligence Agencies use “UFO Sightings” and “UFO Crashes” to divert attention away from secret military technology & operations, and/or foreign enemy aircraft, objects, or spacecraft which have made their way onto/over/into United States soil/airspace.



( 4a ) This belief has no association with, nor should it be associated with, the possibility or debate of intelligent extraterrestrial biological entities (aliens) existing somewhere in the universe. It is common for UFO celebrities to associate the two, distinctly different questions about alien life being equal (aliens visiting Earth as opposed to aliens existing in the Universe), to increase a fan base or create an emotional connection to fans/followers.

( 5a ) The statement “UFO Sightings are real” is not equal to the statement that “UFOs are real”. The statement “UFOs are Real” does not refer to any explainable origin or physical description of, an object or phenomenon observed in a UFO Sighting report. The acronym “UFO” contains the word “Unexplained”. If that object turned out to be a military aircraft, how did the statement “UFOs are Real” apply as the military already knew about the military aircraft. As you can see, the statement UFOs are real, and describes human originating objects are Unexplained Flying Objects that may be alien in origin. It is common for UFO celebrities to associate the two, distinctly different questions about UFOs being equal (UFOS are real as opposed to UFO Sightings are real), to increase a fan base or create an emotional connection to fans/followers.

( 6a ) Usage of the word “unexplained” or “unidentified” in conjunction with a UFO Sighting does not equate to proof of extraterrestrial biological entities (aliens) as the cause of the UFO Sighting. To assume the cause is alien, would warrant scientific evidence of aliens on Earth or visiting Earth, or physical evidence of aliens presented within the incident itself, to even begin such speculation about an object being alien in origin.