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UFO Seekers

SECRET CALIFORNIA 24 Hours in The Desert – UFO Seekers © S1E16

Description: UFO Seekers spends 24 hours in the Mojave Desert unlocking secrets. We check out Inscription Canyon, north of Barstow, CA and Hinkley, CA to see 10,000 year old petroglyphs. Why aWe also spend out time near Fort Irwin and China Lake Naval Air Weapons...

Alien Abductee Finds Possible IMPLANT HOLE! – UFO Seekers © S1E15

Description: UFO Seekers received a report from a man who claims to have found a hole in his armpit after an Alien Abduction. Tim meets with the abductee to hear his story. The story discusses blue aliens, gray aliens, alien implants, and more.   Support us for...

UFO HUNTING Frazier Mountain Summit in California – UFO Seekers © S1E14

Description: UFO Seekers is investigating Frazier Mountain in California for UFO activity. A UFO Sighting report was filed with MUFON in 02-2015, stating that bright objects were seen over Frazier Mountain and one of them actually flew away over the mountain. Another...

ALIEN ENCOUNTER at Pine Mountain Club – UFO Seekers © S1E11

Description: UFO Seekers investigates a MUFON Case that was reported from Pine Mountain Club in California. The witness observed a UFO light that landed in a forest clearing. She then went outside where she encountered an alien hiding in the trees.   Support us...
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