We have uncovered information that has changed the way we view the UFO community as a whole affecting our everyday operations and our future plans.

We will continue producing our videos, but we are severely restricting our communications about the background activities of UFO Seekers to assure privacy from the government and corrupt UFO organizations.

Here’s a brief summary of our findings:

It has come to our attention that MUFON has sold all of their case file history to Bigelow Aerospace (BAASS) and the government in 2009. MUFON sold us all out! WE NO LONGER SUPPORT MUFON. Please DO NOT report UFO Sightings to MUFON. We can not assure you that MUFON is separate from the military industrial complex, nor can we guarantee they won’t sell your UFO reports in the future to for-profit companies. Bigelow Aerospace uses the case history and current reports to develop for-profit products for the military and other applications while debunking the sightings in public, while at the same time saying aliens are everywhere ensuring he is the point man for all UFO Reports and maintains support from the UFO community as a whole as a champion for the topic.

It has come to our attention that Bigelow Aerospace created and founded Coast To Coast AM. WE NO LONGER SUPPORT COAST TO COAST AM. Bigelow hand picked Art Bell and George Knapp in the 1980’s for AREA 2000 radio which became Coast To Coast AM.

It has come to our attention that George Knapp, writer of the recent Tom DeLonge articles, was an employee of Bigelow Aerospace subsidiaries or Bigelow himself since the 1980’s. Including employment at the National Institute of Discovery Sciences (NIDS) in the 1990’s. George Knapp is the Sunday Show host for Coast To Coast AM. NIDS purchased Skinwalker Ranch after it was made public by George Knapp. After NIDS disbanded in 2004 Skinwalker Ranch was purchasedby Bigelow Aerospace. Bigelow Aerospace supposedly receives funding from the Department of Defense for activities at Skinwalker Ranch. Anyone associated with Skinwalker Ranch must be viewed as a possible military industrial complex associate. In fact George Knapp claims regularly on Coast To Coast AM that people should trust the government and they’re “not evil.”

It has come to our attention that Bob Lazar (the famous AREA 51 “employee”) was paid actually by Bigelow through a fake corporation at the same time George Knapp was promoting the Bob Lazar story. WE DO NOT SUPPORT CLAIMS BY BOB LAZAR. This was around the same time Bigelow started a radio program with Art Bell and George knapp known as AREA 2000 which became Coast To Coast AM. We believe that Bob Lazar’s knowledge of element 115 was information given to him by Robert Bigelow then promoted by George Knapp to make the appearance of truth.

It has come to our attention that Harold Puthoff, Vice President for Tom DeLonge’s company To The Stars Academy, is a current and past employee of Bigelow at various organizations. Harold has been investigating paranormal reports for Bigelow since the 1990’s including working with George Knapp at NIDS. Puthoff is a former employee of the CIA, NSA, DOD, Navy, and Army.

Leslie Kean, the writer of the NY Times and Washington Post articles about Tom DeLonge, works with To The Stars Academy employee Christopher Mellon at UFOData. Christopher Mellon is the person who first contacted Tom DeLonge about this new venture.

George Noory, the main host of Coast To Coast AM, is a “retired” Navy Public Affairs service member. They didn’t hire a non-military host. Once you’re a service member, you’re always a service member. That’s not a negative it’s called a patriot. But the issue is we’re in the UFO community. The government is our enemy. To avoid conflicts of interest we need people separate from the military industrial complex.

Tom DeLonge has employed employees of Bigelow Aerospace and wants to do “UFO Research.” This is none other than Bigelow attempting to grab more UFO Sighting reports for the government and military. Tom has even expressed the fact he wants to profit from the research by creating technologies for sale.

Tom DeLonge and George Knapp are currently writing the Bob Lazar autobiography together.

FOIA requests filed by The Black Vault about the “Aerial Threat Identification program” have come back showing “no records.” It looks like there is no such program. Is someone lying?

We believe that Bigelow Aerospace worked with the government to infiltrate MUFON and steal their case history for the last 100 years. Bigelow was given a kickback by Harry Reid secretly, $22 million, and Bigelow proceeded to use the money to buy off MUFON and investigate MUFON sighting case history to develop military technology while debunking the cases now publicly. The study showed no credible scientific evidence of aliens.

Biegelow and the military owns all MUFON case history, possible future MUFON case history, Coast To Coast AM, George Knapp, George Noory, Harold Puthoff, and Tom DeLonge. To The Stars Academy employees Christopher Mellon and Luis Elizondo both are former employees of the DOD. And since the entire UFO community is supportive of these individuals and organizations we are unsure about the UFO community as whole. or what we should do to protect UFO sighting reports from the government.

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