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We’re UFO Seekers, Tim & Tracey. Together we began sky-watching for UFOs in late 2016 throughout the southwestern United States. Since then we’ve spent thousands of hours in the field watching the sky for UFO activity, seeking an alien abduction in the dark, visiting military facilities, venturing through endless deserts, climbing mountains, and much more.

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Image of Satellite Dishes at Area 51

This image was taken in October, 2019 and shows the satellite dishes at the north end of Area 51.  

ET Hwy Sign at Rachel, NV Outside Area 51

UFO Seekers at the Extraterrestrial Sign just outside of Rachel, Nevada in 2017. Tim had just visited the back gate entrance to Area 51 and in just a few minutes will capture a double sonic boom.

The Black Mailbox at Area 51

Tim & Tracey at The Area 51 Black Mailbox in 2017. This mailbox is no longer there, but was a temporary replacement for decoration.

Milky Way and Jupiter over Frazier Mountain

We snapped this picture 05/09/2019 near Lockwood Valley in the Los Padres National Forest and facing Frazier Mountain, to the east. You can see the Milky Way and Jupiter rising over Frazier Mountain. The image can be seen in our latest video, "Sky-Watching for UFO...

Seeking UFOs in California’s Death Valley National Park

We just returned from sky-watching in Death Valley. The weather was clear, but it was really windy! This sign is located at the southwest entrance to Death Valley just north of Trona, CA.

Strange Cloud Over Jawbone Canyon

We photographed this awesome looking cloud while seeking UFOs in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Specifically we were looking south over Jawbone Canyon.

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