UFO & Alien Investigators

“Let’s See What’s Out There.”


Our team of expert Ufologists, Tim & Tracey, work in the field investigating UFO Sightings, Alien Reports, and UFO Hot-Spots. Witnesses report their stories or sightings to our team via this website, phone, email, social media, or in-person.

Is UFO Seekers Real?

Our work is 100% real. No actors. No film crew. No setup scenarios.

Why Does UFO Seekers Publish Videos?

Our team produces videos showcasing our work in the field. Our videos include observations from our UFO Investigations, eyewitness testimony from UFO witnesses, locations known as UFO Hot-Spots, and lots more. We self-produce a TV Series available on Amazon Prime. We also produce shorter videos which you can view on our YouTube Channel.

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Tim & Tracey

We’re UFO Seekers, Tim & Tracey (Couple). Together we began sky-watching for UFOs throughout the southwestern United States in late 2016. Since those early days, we’ve spent thousands of hours in the field watching the sky for UFO activity.

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