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We are a private UFO & Alien Investigation company headquartered in Bakersfield, CA. Our company is civilian owned and operated having no connections to the US federal government, US federal agencies, state governments,  the US Department of Defense (DOD), DOD contracts, or DOD contractors.

We do not sell information.

Our mission is to investigate UFO sightings and Alien reports utilizing modern technology, in an attempt to document evidence for the witness(es), alien abductees, and/or experiencers in a serious manner. In our investigations we utilize video, photography, sensor analysis, environment analysis, and more.

UFO & Alien Investigators

California based UFO & Alien Investigations Company.
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The Air Force’s SECRET “North Base” – UFO Seekers © S3E7

In 1947 the US Military stationed a UFO chase plane at Muroc Army Air Field, what would soon become "North Base" inside Edwards Air Force Base. The base continued to show evidence of an unofficial UFO Division that even included a UFO Officer. North Base is the...

U.S. Spaceplane Program and X-15 Crash Site – UFO Seekers © S3E5

The first American spaceplane program began around 1958 and by 1963 pilot Joseph Walker was able to fly an X-15 spaceplane to an altitude of 62 miles becoming an astronaut. He flew an airplane into space! In 1967 the first in-flight fatality of this new space program...

World News

Teleporting Information: This New Technology Is Closer Than You Think

Sending Information Using Teleportation The Department of Energy (DOE) and interagency partners are working to advance the next frontier of computer communications, teleporting information. One project underway by laboratories at the University of Illinois and the...

Investigation of RQ-4B Global Hawk Crash near Mt Whitney Released

(Press Release) LANGLEY AIR FORCE BASE, VA. - According to an Air Combat Command Accident Investigation Board (AIB) report released today, an RQ-4B Global Hawk that crashed June 21, 2017, near Lone Pine, California, broke up mid-air after experiencing issues with one...

But you said Metamaterials are Alien UFO Parts?

What Are Metamaterials (Meta Materials)? According to some individuals within the UFO community "metamaterials" or "Meta Materials" are debris from alien spacecraft. It's currently an extremely popular theory being pushed at UFO conferences, on radio, TV, and shared...

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As part of our workload we also spend time in the field sky-watching for UFO activity 365 days a year. This workload typically lasts 3-10 hours, at night on a daily basis using video/photography, allowing us to catch UFOs, unpredictable events, or atmospheric phenomenon and to familiarize ourselves with these observable objects to assist us in our mission of helping individuals identify what they themselves have observed.

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Our time is spent in the field seeking the truth.
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