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Our Newest DVD Release!

Season 3 of UFO Seekers®: UFO & Alien Investigators© is now available for purchase! Shipping begins sometime between 11/18/2022-11/28/2022 for Christmas 2022 shipments.

100% Real World Ufology

UFO Seekers® is lead by a real life couple, Tim & Tracey, who've been working in the field since 2016 investigating UFO Sightings & Alien Encounters.

In 2021, UFO Seekers® began self-producing DVD Videos to bypass online censorship.

  • Tim & Tracey at Roswell, NM

  • Sky-Watching for UFO Activity

  • UFO Seekers® SUV at AREA 51

Tim & Tracey

A real life couple, Tim & Tracey met in 2016. The two began dating spending their time not at bars or retail establishments, but in the Mojave Desert and the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

That time spent led to the couple seeing objects at night in the sky such as the International Space Station which was identified by some as a "UFO." The couple decided to record the objects they observed on video and in photographs. Tracey chose the name "UFO Seekers" while Tim published the content online.

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