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We investigate UFO sightings and UFO hot-spots in the Southwestern United States. We publish investigations through YouTube.



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UFO Seekers, Tim & Tracey, discovered a recent reoccurring UFO Sighting happening over Castaic, CA, which is also home to Lake Castaic. The incident was reported to The National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), in which the witness states they’re observing strange lights above the mountains. This same area is also home to the I-5 freeway, known as the Grapevine. After more research into the NUFORC database we managed to uncover other UFO Sightings from this region and while in the field we even managed to meet someone who had a UFO Sighting in the Grapevine region, back in 1995. UFO Seekers will spend time above Lake Castaic, near the Castaic Power Plant in Elderberry Canyon, to sky-watch for UFO activity in the area, to help validate or explain sightings reported in the area.


UFO Sky-Watching

Release Date

February 14, 2020

Episode Number

Season 4, Episode 4


Castaic, California

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Our team researches the topic of UFOs, aliens, and the military. Our latest research is posted here.

Our Team:

Tim & Tracey

We’re UFO Seekers, Tim & Tracey. Together we began sky-watching for UFOs in late 2016 throughout the southwestern United States. At that same time we created our Youtube Channel, “UFO Seekers”, which quickly garnered a large amount of subscribers.  Since that time we’ve spent thousands of hours in the field watching the sky, seeking an alien abduction in the dark, visiting military facilities, venturing deserts, climbing mountains, and much more. In 2017 we even photographed a real UFO! Nowadays our time is spent investigating UFO Sightings and Alien Reports throughout the Western United Sates. 

In the future we plan to expand our company to include other Investigators worldwide. A network of professional UFO & Alien Investigators.


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