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Established in 2016. We are UFO & Alien Investigators headquartered in Bakersfield, California. UFO Seekers is led by Tim Doyle & Tracey Lee who themselves are full-time investigators and have spent over 5 straight years in the field. Our company trains UFO & Alien Investigators around the world to help grow the number of trained eyes watching the sky.

“Let’s see what’s out there.” – Tim & Tracey

UFO Seekers began as two people, a couple (Tim & Tracey), who spent their time together at night watching the stars in California’s Mojave Desert. Both were curious about outer space so they began taking night photographs of the stars. It was shortly after this they began noticing a bright orb appearing over the Sierra Nevada Mountains at night. It was always heading towards Death Valley or Edwards Air Force Base. Tracey told Tim to get a video camera. One night when the object appeared again, they caught it on video. Being a digital marketing professional, Tim decided to put their video recordings on YouTube and Tracey came up with the account name “UFO Seekers.” The rest is history.

  • Over 50 TV-Style Episodes Covering AREA 51, Roswell & More
  • Verified Blue Checkmark Channel on YouTube Named " UFO Seekers"
  • Over 23 Million Views on YouTube
  • Over 240,000 Subscribers on YouTube
  • Over 2 Million Watch Minutes on Amazon Prime
  • Photographed a Real UFO Object in 2017

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