What Is The “Pentagon UFO Study”?

Since October 2017, UFO power players George Knapp and Tom DeLonge have been loudly pushing a newly revealed story about a United States taxpayer funded “Secret Pentagon UFO Study“. The close friends claim the study was a coordinated effort between the private sector, Bigelow Aerospace Subsidiary (BAASS), and the United States Department of Defense to study alien UFOs from 2008-2012.

The two comrades first spoke five years ago when Delonge reached out to Knapp through a phone call. Knapp and DeLonge are currently working on the Bob Lazar biography together as stated in a 2017 Joe Rogan interview of Tom DeLonge (view here).

The story was initially unveiled in an October 2017 public press conference hosted by Tom DeLonge (view here), further explained in a NY Times article published in December 2017 (read here) and expanded upon by George Knapp on Las Vegas 8 TV (view here).

The public was sternly told by all parties mentioned, in 2008-2012 the Pentagon was studying UFOs, with the expressed and acknowledged possibility of the UFOs possibly being alien, or not from Earth. It was equated to the famous United States Air Force UFO Study known as Project Blue Book which knowingly sought to answer and debate the alien question.

The public was told this 2008-2012 “Pentagon UFO Study” was named:

Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program (AATIP)

The NY Times also stated:

… — part of it remains classified — …

… $22 million spent on the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.

… began in 2007 … shut down in 2012.

It was run by a military intelligence official, Luis Elizondo, on the fifth floor of the Pentagon’s C Ring, deep within the building’s maze.

George Knapp reinforced the program’s supposed name and existence in a February 2, 2018 KLAS- TV Las Vegas news article (read here). Knapp is quoted as writing:

 …AATIP, the Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program. That program collected and analyzed information about encounters between the U.S. military and spectacular but unknown technology, what some would call UFOs.

Alejandro Rojas, the Editor of popular UFO media company Open Minds TV and the owner of UFO Congress, wrote the following on December 17, 2017:

…this weekend it was revealed that the Department of Defense (DoD) has had a secret UFO investigation project since 2007, and this revelation might not of come had it not have been for the efforts of rock star Tom DeLonge.

DeLonge has had a long time interest in UFOs, and OpenMinds.tv has been along for some of the ride. DeLonge sponsored a website dedicated to fringe topics where they reposted, with permission, many of our stories.

Insinuating The Study Was About Alien UFOs

The public was made to believe, without outright saying it, that the AATIP “Pentagon UFO Study” was purposed to analyze alien powered or alien piloted spacecraft that were being captured on video by United States military pilots, not to study man-made objects. The DOD paid $22 million for an alien UFO study operating from 2008-2012.

This was 100% the view of everyone familiar with the story.

In 2016-2017 Tom DeLonge had been promising the UFO Community “Alien Disclosure” in an upcoming announcement. People who support Tom DeLonge still to this day, believe the entire story is about Alien Disclosure.

Tom DeLonge was even awarded UFO Researcher of the Year by the UFO Congress in 2017 where he used his appearance to further perpetuate the Alien Disclosure narrative. THIS COMING ANNOUNCEMENT WAS INSINUATED TO RESULT IN THE DISCLOSURE OF THE EXISTENCE OF ALIENS.

In a March 2, 2017 news article (read here) by Independent in the UK, the website wrote the following:

Tom Delonge is about to reveal an alien conspiracy, Blink-182 singer suggests after receiving UFO award.

In a December 18, 2017 news article for Las Vegas 8 TV, George Knapp wrote the following:

Former Pentagon UFO official: ‘We may not be alone’

One of the foremost UFO researchers in Canada, Grant Cameron, wrote the following on Novemeber 26, 2017:

Latest Update on Former Blink 182 singer Tom Delonge and his Alien Disclosure News Conference

Watch the Grant Cameron YouTube video below:

Luis Elizondo’s Role In The So-Called AATIP

In 2017 a book company named To The Stars Academy (TTSA), created by and operated by Tom DeLonge, hired a former Pentagon employee and US Army veteran, Luis Elizondo as their VP of Global Security.

At the popular 2018 UFO Congress, Elizondo said his new job at the book company TTSA is to protect corporation’s personnel, assets, and locations.

After joining the US Army, Elizondo realized he wanted to work in intelligence as he enjoyed “battling enemies that he couldn’t see.”

Elizondo became the UFO Community’s golden child after he announced he was the former Director of this alien UFO study at the Pentagon. His claim was made at a public press conference directed by the book company TTSA just two months before the close of their initial stock investment IPO (view here). At this same press conference, Elizondo said he believes aliens are visiting Earth and he observed their spacecraft in DOD videos he analyzed while working as the Director of the “Pentagon UFO Study” or AATIP.

On December 18, 2017, Knapp stated the following about Luis Elizondo’s role in the “Pentagon UFO Study”:

…the official who ran a secret 10-year Pentagon study of UFOs.

On February 06, 2018, George Knapp is quoted as stating the following about Luis Elizondo’s position with the DOD, or DIA, US Army, or some other department within the Pentagon:

A man who spent 10 years working on the government’s secret study of UFOs…

Elizondo’s government career was spent in the shadows, mostly as a pentagon intelligence officer.

For almost 10 years, Elizondo was a central figure in a secret Pentagon program to study unknown aerial threats.

No United States government documents have been produced to confirm the existence of the AATIP, a search for alien UFOs, or Mr. Elizondo’s role in the AATIP if the AATIP existed.  Please see The Black Vault for documentation. related to FOIA requests based on Luis Elizondo’s testimony.

Alien Metal Alloys

Knapp, DeLonge, and the NY Times authors, also promoted a story about “Alien Metal Alloys” that were recovered from an alien spacecraft that crashed on Earth.

The NY Times made this Alien Metal Alloys claim go viral, after “main stream” authors wrote the following on the NY Times website (read here):

Under Mr. Bigelow’s direction, the company modified buildings in Las Vegas for the storage of metal alloys and other materials that Mr. Elizondo and program contractors said had been recovered from unidentified aerial phenomenon. – NY Times

On February 20, 2018 George Knapp is quoted as saying in a news segment on main stream CBS affiliate Las Vegas 8 TV (read here), the following:

Recent revelations about a secret Pentagon study of UFOs raised many questions, including this one –do government scientists have a piece of a flying saucer?

Company founder Robert Bigelow built special secure facilities inside his plant to house the program, its files, and according to news reports, a piece of unknown material, reportedly a compound with special properties.

On February 20, 2018, George Knapp claimed his sources verified the existence of the supposed alien metal alloys stored in Las Vegas by Bigelow Aerospace (read here). Knapp is quoted as saying:

…multiple sources have confirmed to us that there was a weird piece of something at the Bigelow plant.

Bigelow Aerospace Uses MUFON For Weapons Program Data

Another part of the story we need to cover is the involvement of Bigelow Aerospace. Luis Elizondo claims that in 2009 Bigelow Aerospace Subsidiary , BAASS, was a private contractor in charge of UFO investigations for the Pentagon under AATIP. Which was weird, because that means the Pentagon didn’t have UFO investigators making it nothing like Project Blue Book.

If the Pentagon didn’t have UFO investigators, the Pentagon was not investigating UFOs. Simple conclusion.

The name of AATIP doesn’t  mention UFOs or aliens. That’s strange for a UFO study? If you were going to study a hamburger, would you say you’re studying the food chain?

As a part of this supposed AATIP work, BAASS made a back-room financial deal with MUFON, the world’s largest non-profit UFO organization, to gain access to MUFON cases and UFO sightings. So MUFON began giving BAASS personally identifiable information about UFO witnesses who reported UFO sightings through MUFON during the time of the deal. These UFO witnesses would receive a visit from both MUFON and BAASS, without the knowledge that their information was being given to BAASS.

This back-room relationship ended in 2010.

This part of the story is important, because it’s where we see that BAASS was performing private UFO investigations and NOT THE GOVERNMENT, in a search for aliens.

BAASS has never provided the public a copy of the United States taxpayer funded contract., or anything showing they were tasked with a search for alien life on Earth.

This is also important because as we’re about to see, BAASS was not interested in the “Alien Question”, but rather they were searching for foreign aircraft and using the data provided by MUFON for a weapon system application program contract. In other words, MUFON was helping a defense contractor compile data for weapons system applications for the DOD.

Your UFO sighting may have been used to create weapons!

AATIP Story Collapses In May 2018

Remember, we were told, the AATIP Study was funded with $22 million of taxpayer money, and operated from 2008-2012.

On May 4, 2018, George Knapp through KLAS-TV Las Vegas 8 re-wrote the entire story (read here), writing:

…it wasn’t called AATIP. The original acronym was AAWSAP or Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP).

The agreement with DIA did not mention UFOs at all.

Screenshot: http://www.lasvegasnow.com/news/i-team-documents-prove-secret-ufo-study-based-in-nevada/1160375205

That’s strange? The public was told AATIP was in existence from 2008-2012.

When speaking about the funding, George Knapp changed that too, writing:

In Aug. 2008, DIA posted a solicitation for bids. Weeks later, the contract was awarded to Bigelow Aerospace, the initial amount was $10 million. It required Bigelow to provide a facility that qualified for top secret work.

Luis Elizondo was quoted as saying the folwing in an interview with the UFO Congress:

My first involvement with the advanced aerospace threat identification program began back in 2008.

But wait…. There wasn’t even an AATIP at that time. It was a weapon system application program, wasn’t it?

About BAASS being a UFO investigatoin company, George Knapp re-wrote that too stating the following about BAASS being created, for the DIA Weapon System Applications Program contract:

For the DIA contract, he [Bigelow] created BAASS, a seperate entity housed within his aerospace plant. He hired a team of 46 scientists and investigators, along with dozens of other support personnel.

That’s strange? The public was told BAASS was created for AATIP to study UFOs and the “Alien Question”. Now it seems they were actually working on AAWSAP.

When talking about UFOs in relation to the Weapons System Applications Program (AAWSAP) contract, George Knapp says the following:

The agreement with DIA did not mention UFOs at all

The public was told BAASS was headquartered inside Bigelow Aerospace in Las Vegas, but George Knapp writes:

A ranch in Utah, known for decades as the site of bizarre encounters, became a living lab for the study.

This is also known as Skinwalker Ranch. The same Skinwalker Ranch  Knapp has written books about. The same Skinwalker Ranch Knapp convinced Bigelow to purchase in the 1990’s. And if you didn’t know, George Knapp is actually a former employee of Bigelow having worked at the National Institute of Discovery Sciences in the 2000’s.

George Knapp, knew all of this, before ever writing one article on the AATIP.

Knapp continues to destroy the AATIP story by stating:

Bigelow funded it himself for a year but AAWSAP came to an end after 2011.

So BAASS never even worked on the AATIP! Bigelow was never involved with AATIP! What is going on? Did so many journalists write before fact-checking the stories they’ve been publishing for the last 8 months?

Now it’s time for the most important aspect, what was AATIP and when did Elizondo work on the study?

George Knapp reveals AATIP was never a operational program. AATIP was never authorized by the Pentagon. It was only a synonym created by Luis Elizondo after the supposed Weapon System Application Program ended in 2011.

Knapp revels that Elizondo became the Director of AAWSAP in 2011, which contradicts Elizondo’s UFO Congress interview where he states he became the Head of AATIP in 2010 (see here). Elizondo states the following:

I worked for the former program manager at the time, and in 2010 upon his departure, I was asked to take over the program formally as the director

After the AAWSAP funding ended in 2011, George Knapp states that Elizondo did the following:

Elizondo, who had interacted with the study from the Pentagon, was assigned to continue the work, but he chose a smaller focus, limited to military encounters with unknown aircraft. his effort, dubbed AATIP, survived by keeping a low profile. Elizondo relied on an informal network of colleagues to investigate cases that came in.

“There were other folks related to our effort,” Elizondo said. “It is a confederated approach so you had folks in the Navy, in DIA, in pockets here and there. We worked collectively.”

Knapp claims that Elizondo took it upon himself, while working inside the government, to go rogue and create AATIP himself to keep doing, whatever AAWSAP was doing. Honestly we have no idea what the program entails or what weapon system was being developed.

So now we know. Elizondo did not even have formal investigators or a formal department. He was completely rogue! That’s even if he was doing something related to UFOs, which has yet to be proven.

What Does The New Information Mean?

Bigelow did not work on AATIP.

Elizondo never formally worked on AATIP.

Elizondo did not work on a UFO study for 10 years.

Elizondo’s role in AAWSAP is unknown.

AAWSAP “did not mention UFOs at all” per George Knapp.

AATIP was never anything, but an idea in Elizondo’s head. An idea fabricated in 2011 to personally justify whatever actions Elizondo was taking.

Bigelow worked on a weapons system application program from 2008-2011.

MUFON was providing UFO witness information and UFO sighting details to BAASS during the time frame of AAWSAP.

BAASS’s work with MUFON was to compile data for a Weapon System Application Program.

Bigelow’s UFO work was marvelously intertwined with the AATIP narrative by TTSA individuals and George Knapp to give the appearance that BAASS was looking for alien UFOs, funded by United States taxpayers.

The AAWSAP operated from 2008-2011, on $10 million dollars (we do not know in which year “Bigelow funded it for one year on his own”)

There were no Alien Metal Alloys.

TTSA is a book company.

Coast To Coast AM Attacks UFO Seekers

George Knapp appears to be using his positions at CBS affiliate KLAS-TV Las Vegas 8 and a popular late night AM radio show called Coast To Coast AM where he’s a co-host, to push both of the main stories and assist the book company TTSA in raising financial investment in the corporation.

For instance, Knapp made this claim about TTSA and the AATIP on February 06, 2018 (read here):

People familiar with the UFO study say about two dozen UFO videos are being declassified for release to the public in the coming months.

Coast To Coast AM dedicated months of Sunday shows, days which Knapp hosts, to allowing TTSA employees a free-reign to say anything they wanted without any rebuttal, fact-checking, or questioning about providing evidence of the claims made. I personally believe TTSA was, and still is, paying for the radio spots, or indirectly paying the Coast To Coast AM co-host.

Remember, George Knapp is considered a “journalist” covering stories truthfully without bias or back-room deals. This is what the listeners of Coast To Coast AM are told.

Here’s a radio broadcast of Coast To Coast AM with George Knapp promoting Tom DeLonge:

Black-Balled For Thoughts And Opinions

The popular paranormal radio show appears to have black-balled anyone who offers a dissenting opinion about the “Pentagon UFO Study” or the “Alien Metal Alloys”. Knapp even launched an attack on UFO Seekers directly to the Coast To Coast AM radio audience in October 2017 after we released a YouTube video revealing factual information about TTSA from SEC filings submitted to the United States Government.

Knapp published an article on KLAS-TV Las Vegas 8 claiming Tom DeLonge opened a “Public Company to Investigate UFOs” when in fact TTSA is a book/media publishing corporation (read US federal government SEC Filings here).

TTSA is currently working to release new books in 2018.

Watch our video:

AATIP Facts And Claims Made By TTSA Employees

Unfortunately none of the aforementioned individuals involved in the “Pentagon UFO Study” or “Alien Metal Alloys” stories had provided any documentation supporting claims about the study’s existence. FOIA requests submitted by The Black Vault and others have been unable to prove any claims with either “no records found” or outright denials coming back from the government. This includs Elizondo’s resignation letter.

The DIA and DOD both have denied any authorized release of three “UFO videos” released by To the Stars Academy (TTSA). Two of the released videos were already available on the internet before being touted by TTSA employees.

The NY Times was forced to correct their December 2017 article to reflect the fact that the videos shown on their website was not authorized or released by the DOD. The article now states, the video was produced by the DOD.

At the popular UFO Congress in early 2018, Elizondo admitted he and the TTSA book company had never handled the mystery Alien Metal Alloys, nor did they have any such metal alloys in their possession, nor did he know where that rumor came from essentially putting the blame on the writers who co-authored an NY Times article about the “Pentagon UFO Study” in December, 2017.

But all of that changed on May 4, 2018 when George Knapp published a bombshell article completely re-writing the stories and claims.


100% Positive Coverage And “The UFO Messiah”

I’ve scoured all Las Vegas 8 TV (lasvegasnow.com) articles written, and news segments televised, and could not find any negative coverage of Tom DeLonge, or TTSA, ever published or expressed by George Knapp or other journalists/reporters on Las Vegas 8 TV.

Las Vegas 8 TV has a 100% rate of positive coverage in regards to the “Pentagon UFO Study” and “Alien Metal Alloys” stories.

Here’s a list of 18 articles, 17 authored by George Knapp and 1 authored by CBS affiliate Las Vegas 8 TV writers promoting and positively reflecting on Tom DeLonge, TTSA, individuals involved, the “Pentagon UFO Study”, or the “Alien Metal Alloys” story, to verify my conclusion of 100% positive coverage from this supposed main stream “news” channel:

  1. I-Team: Rocker turns UFO expert – 05/06/2016
  2. I-Team: Tom Delonge looks to lift veil of UFO secrecy – 05/06/2016
  3. I-Team: Rock star plans for announcement on UFOs – 05/23/2017
  4. I-Team: Public company launched to investigate UFOs – 10/11/2017
  5. I-Team: DeLonge to unveil plans for cutting edge science to investigate UFOs – 10/11/2017
  6. Former Pentagon UFO official: ‘We may not be alone’ – 12/18/2017
  7. The Pentagon’s secret UFO program – 12/18/2017
  8. I-Team Exclusive: Sen. Reid discusses UFO study – 12/19/2017
  9. I-Team: UFO study focused on U.S. military encounters – 12/20/2017
  10. I-Team Exclusive: Sen. Reid discusses UFO study – 12/21/2017
  11. I-Team: Pentagon UFO study catches attention of Congress – 12/21/2017
  12. I-Team: Secret UFO program recorded encounters with unknown objects – 02/01/2018
  13. I-Team: Man who headed up secret government UFO study speaks out – 02/01/2018
  14. I-Team: Man who headed up secret government UFO study speaks out – 02/02/2018
  15. I-Team: Secret UFO program recorded encounters with unknown objects – 02/06/2018
  16. I-Team: Understanding the science of UFOs – 02/07/2018
  17. I-Team: Mystery metal studied in Las Vegas – 02/20/2018
  18. I-Team: Documents prove secret UFO study based in Nevada – 05/04/2018

Here’s a list of expressed opinions by George Knapp of Tom DeLonge in regards to the “Alien Disclosure” coverage through Las Vegas 8 TV and LasVegasNow.com:

Over the years, a long list of rock stars have reportedly seen UFOs, but only one was inspired to become an expert on the topic. – 05/06/2016 KLAS-TV

What he is doing these days is reinventing, not only himself, but also the discombobulated world of UFO research. – 05/06/2016 KLAS-TV

But since becoming more serious about UFOs, he’s managed to tick off just about everyone, especially the UFO faithful who’ve accused him of being a dupe, a fraud, a tool of the deep state, or delusional. DeLonge has persevered. –  05/23/2017 KLAS-TV

DeLonge had been telling the truth. – 05/23/2017 KLAS-TV

DeLonge had been telling the truth. – 10/11/2017 KLAS-TV

…the UFO Messiah. – 03/24/2018 Coast To Coast AM

The Alien Disclosure Movement Turns Political

The story has also been pushed publicly by what’s known as the modern “Disclosure Movement” (after Dr Stephen Greer), which is a group of individuals that support United States Democrat Party political candidates in America’s elections. The Disclosure members support the Democrat politicians because the candidates promise to release the “truth” about aliens on Earth to American voters. John Podesta, famous Democrat Party Lobbyist,  is the spear-head of this ingenious UFO/politics integration.

Starting in 2014 the Disclosure movement, lead by Stephen Basset’s Paradigm Research Group, endorsed Democrat Party Candidate for President of the United States, Secretary Hillary Clinton (read here). Here are quotes quote directly from Paradigm Research Group:

From November 4, 2014 though December 8, 2016 PRG conducted a political initiative specifically targeting presidential candidate Secretary Hillary Clinton. The initiative was planned years in advance, and it’s goal was to provoke the political media to such a degree that formal acknowledgment of the extraterrestrial presence – Disclosure – would take place…

…PRG launched a Twitter/Facebook campaign to alert the Congress and the media that something important required their attention. Over the next six months two and half million Twitter, Facebook and email messages were generated targeting congressional offices and political media announcing the engagement of the Clinton election campaign…

Luis Elizondo of TTSA has also publicly mentioned his displeasure with Republican Party President Donald J Trump. In a 2018 interview with the UFO Congress (view here), Elizondo said the following:

We’re here in San Diego and right now people are trying to build a wall to keep out aliens…

George Knapp is a Democrat Party Member as stated in the first paragraph on Wikipedia (read here). It states:

He is a member of the Democratic Party.

In 2016 George Knapp wrote extensively about and spoke in support of Democrat Party member John Podesta and 2016 Democrat Party Presidential Candidate, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as possibly being the road to Alien Disclosure. Here’s a few UFO/political articles Knapp authored supporting Democrat members and candidates:

  1. I-Team: UFO Watchers Wonder What Obama Admin Will Reveal – 02/25/2009
  2. I-Team: Clinton aide seeks UFO files – 03/01/2016
  3. Web Extra: George Knapp discusses John Podesta interview – 05/04/2016

In a 2016 Las Vegas Review Journal article George Knapp stated the following about Hillary Clinton and her campaign using the Alien Disclosure issue to solicit votes:

Hillary Clinton has been interested in UFOs behind the scenes for 25 years… The number of people who would vote on the UFO disclosure issue, I think, would be pretty small. But somehow, either a focus group, or a survey, or something (must have convinced her campaign) it’s a net positive for them to talk about it.

Tom DeLonge worked on Democrat Party candidate for President of The United States, John Kerry’s campaign in 2004.

UFO Seekers Political Affiliations And UFO Community Independence

UFO Seekers is non-political and does not endorse political candidates or political parties. Neither do we have back-room relationships with UFO specific celebrities, companies, book publishers, organizations, allowing us the ability to have writers who write articles like this without the threat of being black-balled from UFO Conferences, Events, TV Programs, and Radio Shows which are the primary revenue generators for many UFO celebrities, companies, and organizations. UFO Conferences, Events, TV Programs, and Radio Shows are commonly used as bargaining chips for peer approval of narratives in the UFO community.


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