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AREA 51 Video Tour Map© by UFO Seekers®

AREA 51 Video Tour Map© by UFO Seekers®

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Have you ever wanted to visit AREA 51? Gas prices are insane! Breaking down in the middle of nowhere is dangerous. Flying on an airplane means wearing a mask, breathing recirculated air, and sharing bathrooms. The desert is full of poisonous snakes, ants, and scorpions. Maybe you’ve just never had the time.

Well, forget about the hassles of traveling. We did it for you!


Visit the Black Mailbox, the most popular entrances, the best campsites, Tikaboo Peak, and much more.

DVD Video Disc: NTSC or PAL Format

19 Videos = 1 Hour 50 Minutes

How is this possible? We packed over 5 years of investigations from AREA 51 into one DVD so you can easily navigate anywhere around the secretive military installation to visit the Black Mailbox, the ET Highway sign, Groom Lake Road, Rachel, Base Camp, Tikaboo Peak, popular entrances, the best campsites, experience encounters with “Camo Dudes”, watch AREA 51 aircraft in flight, and view exclusive UFO Sightings filmed by UFO Seekers®. We also include a physical paper copy of the AREA 51 Video Tour Map© inside the DVD case so you can follow along as you enjoy the tour. The map shows where each video in the tour takes place so you know exactly where you are throughout the AREA 51 Tour.

Contains approximately two hours of video footage. Every scene includes unique music tracks to create a smooth tour throughout the entire DVD. No voiceover. Music only.


[ Copyright © 2022 UFO Seekers®. The UFO Seekers name & logo are a registered trademark in the United States. AREA 51 Video Tour Map© copyright pending. ]


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