Report UFO Sighting

We investigate the following types of reports:

  • UFO Sighting
  • UFO Landing
  • UFO Crash
  • UFO Debris

Complete the form on this page to submit your UFO Sighting report. Please complete the form to the best of your ability.

1 - Case Investigation

Reports are received/ by UFO Seekers HQ, then assigned to a Certified UFO Seekers Case Investigator. You will be contacted by email or phone by your Case investigator to discuss your Case further. The Case Investigator will analyze all information provided to make a decision on whether to elevate the status of your Case or close your Case.

You can always appeal the Case investigator decision.

2 - Field Investigation

If your case is elevated to the next level, a Field Investigator will be dispatched to the incident location or to your location. Cases elevated to this status will be provided more information by the Field Investigator. After the Field Investigation is completed all Case information and analysis is transported or sent to UFO Seekers HQ in California for Final Analysis.

3 - Final Case Report

UFO Seekers HQ will then issue a Final Case Report. You will be sent a copy of the Case Report (pdf file). If allowed, a redacted copy of the report will be posted online for public access.

Secure Communication

If the information, or your identity, are extremely sensitive and you’re worried about government surveillance, you can physically mail the information to us. Please visit our Contact Us page for the mailing address.

You can send secure email to:

Please use a Proton Mail account to send the email to ensure proper encryption of the information.

Official UFO Sighting Report Form

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