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Statement of Beliefs

No gimmicks. We tell you exactly where we stand on the subject.

Keeping an Open Mind

We believe a UFO & Alien Investigator must always remain unbiased. Keeping an open mind, in all directions of truth, is crucial to finding factual answers for witnesses.


We believe the Investigation of Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) sightings and the possibility of aliens on Earth, deserves respect.

Scientific Evidence of Aliens on Earth

We believe there is currently no scientific evidence, of which has been presented worldwide by any person(s), organization(s), or government(s), of intelligent extraterrestrial biological entities (aliens) having visited Earth.

This belief has no association with, nor should it be associated with, the possibility or debate of intelligent extraterrestrial biological entities (aliens) existing in the universe.

Scientific Evidence of Aliens Outside of Earth

We believe there could be intelligent extraterrestrial biological entities (aliens) that exist in the universe.

This belief is also based upon intelligent design of the universe. If there is a creator or designer of the universe, that entity(ies) would be alien in nature to us. Someone who believes in God or intelligent design of the universe already believes aliens exist outside of Earth.

"UFO Sightings Are Real" vs. "UFOs Are Real"

We believe UFO sightings are real, visual observations, made by real people, and do happen.

The statement, “UFO sightings are real,” is not equal to the statement, “UFOs are real”.

The statement “UFOs are Real” does not refer to anything. The statement claims a visual observation of something is real as if nobody knew that a human being could see. The statement also infers that something is a UFO, such as a flying saucer, or an extraterrestrial spaceship, when in fact, “UFO” is used to describe a human being’s visisble observation of something occuring.

The acronym “UFO” contains the word “Unexplained”. If the unexplained flying object turned out to be a drone, how did the statement “UFOs are Real” help improve factual understanding as drones were already real and the scientific community already knew that drones were real (unmanned drones have been used by the US Military since at least 1946).

99.9% of UFO Sightings Can Be Explained

We believe 99.9% of UFO sightings are observations of military technology (plasma, ball lightning, directed energy, lasers, etc.), aircraft, drones, purposeful hoaxes, purposeful propaganda, natural phenomenon (ball lightning, energy transfers, gas explosions, etc.), or atmospheric phenomenon.

00.1% of UFO Sightings Can't Be Explained

We believe 00.1% of UFO sightings can’t be explained.

Intelligent Design of the Universe

We believe the universe was purposely created by a designer(s), as repeatable systematic order cannot be the result of randomness. Something can not be born from nothing without outside influence. Whether this is due to a God, a computer simulation, an alien race conducting genetic experiments, etc. is unknown.

Religious Beliefs

Our “Statement of Beliefs” is not directed at a belief in ghosts, spirits, God, Gods, or religious figures, but rather the post-1900’s modern belief in, or view of, extraterrestrial biological entities (aliens) associated with the topic of “UFOs” (Unidentified Flying Objects (which may be possible extraterrestrial spacecraft or vessels)) mentioned in eyewitness accounts, and those UFOs being piloted or remotely controlled by intelligent extraterrestrial biological entities such as Martians, “Gray Aliens”, “Zeta Reticuli”, among other species/races spoken of in popular culture.