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We Investigate UFO Sightings, Alien Encounters, and Secret Military Installations. All of our adventures are posted through our YouTube Channel. Report a UFO

UFO Hunting In The Mountains East Of Caliente, CA

Reports Of Secret Military Bases Tracey and I constantly receive reports of secret military bases located throughout the Sierra Nevada...
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Ghost Hunting At Silver City Ghost Town

Impressive Collection Of Gold Mining Era Buildings Located in the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California in the town of Bodfish,...
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UFO Hunting At The Summit Of Frazier Mountain

UFO Sighting Reports At Frazier Mountain Tracey and I stumbled upon two interesting UFO reports that occurred near Frazier Mountain in...
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Black Triangle Reported Over The Trail Of 100 Giants

Black Triangle Reported Near Ponderosa, CA UFO Seekers received a UFO Sighting report from Ponderosa which is a tiny town located near...
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UFO Hunting Below Oak Flat Summit In Cattle Mutilation Territory

Headed To Oak Flat Cattle Country UFO Seekers received multiple cattle mutilation reports from cattle country below Oak Flat Lookout.On...
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What Do We Do?

Here’s a look at one of our YouTube Episodes.

UFO Filmed By Us

Filmed on 01/22/2017 over Bakersfield, CA.

Witness Claims UFO Object Captured Through Telescope In Pennsylvania

Video Date, Time, And Location This video was submitted by someone who claims to be the person behind the viewfinder. The person claims...
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AREA 51 Named “Edwards Air Force Base” On Google Maps

AREA 51 Name Changed On Google Maps We recently received an email from Germany asking us to look at Area 51 on Google Maps. The email...
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A Total Solar Eclipse Will Cross The Entire Nation Aug 21

For the first time in 99 years, a total solar eclipse will cross the entire nation Aug. 21. Representatives from NASA, other federal agencies, and...
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Possible UFO Sighting Over Los Angeles

UFO Seekers is a non-governmental entity that investigates reports of abnormal activity in an attempt to document the UFO phenomenon. Let's see...
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The P-791 Hybrid Air Vehicle Revolutionizes Intelligence Gathering

"Lockheed Martin's Hybrid Air Vehicle can be designed as an unmanned or manned intelligence gatherer or transport vehicle." - defenseupdate VIDEO...
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The Artists Behind Exoplanet Visualizations

"Hurt, a visualization scientist at Caltech’s IPAC center, was walking outside his home in Mar Vista, California, shortly after he learned of the...
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NASA Introduces It’s Newest Astronaut Candidates

NASA’s newest astronaut candidates are available for interviews from 8 a.m. to noon CDT Thursday, June 8, by remote satellite link, Skype and phone....
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American Meteor Society Investigating Fireballs Over IL, VA, MD, FL, DC, VA & OH

The American Meteor Society is currently investigating 22 reports about fireballs seen over IL, VA, MD, FL, DC, VA & OH. #meteor #fireball...
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