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Contact In The Desert 2018

Taking place June 1-4, 2018 in Indian Wells, CA. Contact In The Desert boasts an elite lineup of UFO celebrities. Attend workshops, question & answer sessions, and more. UFO celebrities include George Noory, Linda Moulton Howe, David Wilcox, Jimmy Church, Stephen Basset, and more. The public website for the event reads: An EPIC weekend of ADVENTURE into Science of UFOs & Extraterrestrial Life, Ancient Aliens, Human Origins, Crop Circles, Government Disclosure, UFO Sightings, Interplanetary Living, Contact Experiences and the “need to know”… Visit their website to learn more and also purchase tickets:...

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UFO Over Peru

This photo can not be verified. We do not endorse this photograph as a genuine alien UFO or military UFO. The photo may be manipulated. All that is written by the source is, “UFO over Peru”. No photographer is named. It’s a great photo though! Makes you wonder…. You can find the source page...

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McMinnville UFO Photograph

The McMinnville UFO photographs have been reprinted in magazines and newspaper throughout the world. Often thought of the as some of the most famous UFO pictures, they were captured in Oregon, USA.,circa 1950. Nobody knows if they are real, or a hoax. Copyright Owner: Paul Trent/estate of Paul Trent/United Press International Source: (WP:NFCC#4)...

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Convert Your Old Camera To Infrared Night Vision!

Don’t throw away that old digital camera! Everybody has one of these old digital cameras in a drawer or a box in the garage. Watch this great video to see how you can convert that old digital camera to see infrared light. The conversion is made by removing an infrared filter inside the camera. After the conversion, your camera will see infrared light emitted from an infrared light. Check it...

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