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Military Balloon Launch System for Spying or Weather Balloon?

UFO Sighting Over Kern County Reported UFO Seekers has been receiving reports of orb UFOs and strange lights above Kern County during the early evenings. Reports were coming in repeatedly so we spent the majority of our time this past week sky-watching in Bakersfield, UFO Seekers HQ, and surrounding communities. We captured the object(s) on...

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Witness Recounts Sphere UFO Sighting From 1986 Near Beale AFB

A Sphere UFO Almost Hits Man In California UFO Seekers was out in the Sierra Nevada Mountains seeking UFOs when we met a man named Rob who encountered a sphere UFO in April, 1986. Rob was with two other individuals near Beale Air Force Base, getting ready to fish, when a three foot orb came within 12 feet of Rob’s head. Watch the video to see the whole...

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AREA 51 Wants This Video Banned – Anniversary Edition

Celebrating The 1 Year Anniversary Of UFO Seekers UFO Seekers opened on YouTube in 2016 and we’ve already grown to over 75,000 subscribers! In honor of the anniversary we’ve remastered our most popular Season 1 Episode, Area 51 Wants This Video Banned. The audio in the original Episode was terrible, so we’ve remastered the audio. We sincerely appreciate the support of our subscribers, fans, followers, and especially our...

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Tom DeLonge Opens UFO Investigation Company, To The Stars Academy?

To The Stars Inc. Open Since 2002 George Knapp announced that Tom DeLonge was opening a “UFO Investigation Company” on this month. UFO Seekers fans were very interested in the announcement. Mr DeLonge also announced he was seeking “investment” from the public in the new corporation. UFO Seekers received many questions about the “UFO Company” so we investigated the corporation in hopes of enlightening more people about the inner workings of the Public Corporation. It turns out, To The Stars Academy is actually formerly known as To the Stars Inc and has been open since 2002. Watch our...

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Entrance To AREA 51 Underground Found Near Runway?

Secret Entrance To AREA 51 Underground Complex? We received a message from a fan of UFO Seekers, Alex, about new images seen on Google Maps of Area 51. Updated images of the complex is nothing out of the ordinary, but Alex elaborated and said he believes he found a possible underground entrance located right off the main runways at AREA 51! The area in question may be some kind of retaining wall and might be nothing at all. But we felt they warranted your opinions and comments. Infamous Black Tower At AREA 51 Here we can see the infamous black tower located at Groom...

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